Cedar Creek Falls Blu3Fish

Very nice swimming hole and falls. We hiked there in Spring of '09 and the water was flowing (don't remember month sorry). If you are up for the rocky scramble, the top of the falls was quite amazing also. You can actually get in the water (3-4 feet deep) and lay/float with your head looking straight down the top of the falls where the water runs. (Of course be very cautious and don't try this if the water currents are strong). We hiked the 4.5 mile fire road but you can take a much shorter and easier hike from Ramona estates. We both highly recommend visiting this at least once. Crowds often do gather at the bottom of the hole during peak visiting season. There are several rocks to jump from on the left side (facing the falls) but also be very cautious. As the hole dries up the water level gets very shallow. There was also a small rope swing towards the back.

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