Cedar Creek Falls

by Cleveland National Forest
(San Diego, CA)

The Cedar Creek waterfall is not flowing as of July 10, 2012. The pools are becoming stagnated algea ponds. While some people have stated this is an easy hike, that statement can be very subjective to your physical fitness. This is a hike for the physically fit and not recommended for children and pets - this is not a family day trip.

Three Sister's Falls is the same as water is not flowing there as well. Best to see these falls in the early spring - this time of year can be a huge let down.

If you go, take plenty of water (at least a gallon per person). Be certain that someone knows where you have gone and you have made a plan for what time you are returning. This is a 7 mile round trip hike. Going in is downhill and fairly easy, but be sure of your footing. The hike out is all up hill and physically demanding! Do not hike up hill in the heat of the day! Time your trip so your hike out is during the cooler parts of the day. There is no cell phone coverage along the trail or at the falls.

The west trailhead (from San Deigo County Estates/Thornbush Road) is closed. Only the eastern access from Eagle Peak Road is open. Violators to the closure will be cited!

Warning signs are posted at the trail head! Take these warning to heart as the dangers are serious! For further information, please call the Palomar Ranger District office at 760-788-0250. KNOW BEFORE YOU GO!!

Cleveland National Forest

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