Chantry Flats to Stuartevant Falls - Lots of stories and photo ops

by p.l. wick
(Arapahoe Nat'l Forrest, CO)

Chantry Flats to Stuartevant Falls for years (try, over a fifty year time frame) was a favorite hike of ours. Often two or three times per week by either of the two low-end approaches; occasionally from Wilson parking lot or even Red Box. Weekdays have always been the best. Up past the falls into Winter Creek and Mt. Wilson or over Mt. Zion by the lower trail, takes one all the way past the remains of Camp Stuartevant and to the West Fork drainage if they're up to it.

Used to practice rappelling from a rescue squad tie-off located at the top, west face of the falls where the upper trail crossed--narrow there, needed care. Have heard, that placement has long since been removed by big brother to protect us from ourselves.
Water ouzels (water dippers) in the stream(s) both above and below the falls, great entertainment.
Used to be an old gent caretaker who oversaw the seasonal cabins (they were on Gov. long-term leases). Charlie: had a pack of small mutts who were his companions. We'd back-pack Thanksgiving and Christmas meals from our place in Hacienda Heights to Chantry and then down to him and his "crew." Lots of stories and photo ops.

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