Clueless Tourist - Iguacu Falls

by Robin
(Indianapois IN USA)

The first time I saw Iquacu Falls was from a small jet in 1985. It was my first trip to South America and shamefully I did not know of the Falls. We were flying over a muddy river for a while and it began to appear like a was splitting into fingers. Then the earth just dropped out from under it - seemingly everywhere on first glance. Clouds of mist climbed up. I asked my wife (who was Brazilian) and she told me about the falls.

We flew back from Rio to visit. I highly recommend the Tropical if that hotel is still there. The food and service was excellent.
We hiked around, visited the Argentinian side, and were your basic clueless, awestruck touristas clicking photos and wielding a large VHS camcorder of that era. My wife had not seen it since she was a child. The best views are from the Brazilian side because the nicest falls are on the Argentinian side.

I have revisited since.

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