CMarie (Escondido Falls)

by Carol
(Glendale, Ca)

View from top of street

View from top of street

View from top of street
Butterfly that landed next to me at the falls
So many of these guys!
The upper falls

This hike is AMAZING!

I was happy going through this trail with a few friends as it was quite pretty.

The road up is a long one and there were a few small stream crossings. It is dog friendly so that was nice because we had a small dog with us.

We mainly hike trails with waterfalls so when we got to the end of this trail we were a little disappointed, but then we were told there was a hidden waterfall at the top.. oh yeah.

THIS is worth the climb!!

The falls are beautiful!! Lots of moss and a great big tree limb that hangs over the pool of water. Lots of salamanders to catch and very peaceful as I don't think many people make the climb.

Lucky for us it was rather dry after the rains because I don't think we would have been able to make the climb up otherwise, especially taking turns handing off the dog as we went up the hill.

If there is a way to make it up, I suggest you do because this makes the hike!!!!

One of my favorites and I am actually going up next week!! Can't wait!!! :)

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