Courtallam (Kutralam) Waterfalls-South India's most natural spa

by Dr.V.K.Kanniappan

Main Waterfalls, Courtallam

Main Waterfalls, Courtallam

Courtallam (Kutralam) Main Waterfalls is in Courtallam (Kutralam) in Tirunelveli district, South Tamil Nadu. It has medicinal qualities, popularly called as the "Spa of the South." I visited the falls many times with family earlier and taken bath.

Kutralam waterfalls is located at an elevation of about 550 feet in the Western Ghats attracting tourists from all over. The water here passes over a lot of medicinal herbs, and therefore has the capacity to cure a number of ailments. There is also a belief that mentally ill gets cured after bathing at the falls.

The force of the water on top of our body while we take bath makes us feel free of all tensions and worries, and completely relaxes us.

Best season to visit Courtallam is from June to September. There are other waterfalls like Five falls, Puli Aruvi (Falls) etc.

Courtallam is 5 km from Sengottai, 6 km from Tenkasi, 40 km from Tirunelveli, 137 km from Kanniyakumari, 152 km from Alleppey, 112 km from Thiruvananthapuram and 640 km from Chennai.

The nearest airport to Coutrallam is Tuticorin Airport (TCR) approximately 86 km away. The nearest railway station to Courtallam is Tenkasi.

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Dec 09, 2015
by: Anonymous

Sorry. There is very thin chance of water in the falls during February. If there is rainfall due to cyclone during that period, there are chances for water. Otherwise it is difficult.

Dec 07, 2015

Hello! I am planning to visit "Kurtalam Water Falls during 2nd week of February. Is there any water in falls at that time. Please any one may advise me in this matter.

Jun 17, 2015
State of the wanter falls
by: Jesudhas

The falls are very beautiful and healthy to take a good bath especially in the afternoons. The only difficulty is the surroundings. A beautiful place in the midst of so much of dirt and unhealthy atmosphere. God forgive the administration of a great blessing of the nature.

Mar 18, 2015
maravellous natural spa with beauty
by: vijayselvan

I love this natural spa falls. I never felt bore in taking empty of times bath in all the falls.
one must visit and have to take bath here.
you must stay couple of days.
you can get very good vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food. NV lovers can go to border chicken hotel to have natural way of having and enjoying your dinner.
it is somewhat heaven given by God to enjoy us.
Though I visited so many times I feel new and fascinated every time I visit there.


Jun 25, 2014
God Creations on Multiple Sources!
by: Anonymous

If you want to get good fruit in the world as well another world, must be visit there and think about the natural creations of the god and just get surprise about them and enjoy in permitted ways of life with your entire family.


Jun 17, 2014
Kutralam Season
by: Anonymous

when will started kutralam season. Please reply

Jun 09, 2014
the herbal paradise
by: suresh

The atmosphere in kutralam is breath taking and heart pounding. The only draw back is the misuse of it's beauty and atmosphere by the so called TASMAC miscreants. Administration should take severe action on the citizen's who use them inside the falls area.

May 09, 2014
World's best falls where you can take bath not just seeing it
by: Anonymous

The world's best falls where you can take bath not just seeing it .
30 kms from village munnerpallam

Nov 24, 2013
it is a good place for time pass
by: sri lakshmi

it is a very very very very very very very very very very very very beautiful place to time pass

May 24, 2013
5 falls
by: Anonymous

expecting season to start earlier this year,i stay in project close to 5 falls.9789000423

May 16, 2013
by: picha

call to kutralm department and ask about the falls water level

Apr 21, 2013
by: Mitra

Hey, can I visit courtralam during last week of April ? Is water coming in falls ? pl reply.

Apr 03, 2013
Water level in month April
by: Martin

I am going to visite kutralam this month 10th (april 2013), could any one tell me that water is there in the falls.

Feb 19, 2013
by: Anonymous

One should go to Coutrallam ever year during season time (Jun-Aug end) and stay there atleast for 4 days which is simply awesome.

It has medical cure for so many diseases when one takes bath in that water medicated (by nature) water falls.

I am visiting Coutrallam since my childhood for the past 40 years and one thing which is lagging from govt of Tamil Nadu is that implementing cleanliness inside and outskirts of the city.

There are not enough rooms for ladies for interchanging their cloths and always it is found with empty liquor bottles.

Will Tourism dept be awake and implement some good steps?

Jan 31, 2013
now 1/2/2013
by: tamil selvan

thanni ippo varuma kutralathla

Jan 11, 2013
doubt about security
by: krishna rao gudla

I want to visit it with my family,but I hear that there is so many pickpocketers and criminals

Dec 06, 2012
Upgrade Facilities
by: Cheerson

God Has Given us the Best Place (Kutalam ) but the maintenance is not so good.

1. Dressing Rooms are not cleaned properly and not convenient increase the No of Dressing Room

2. People Spit Pan every where

3. Empty Liqure bottles are found in every conners

4. Toillets are smelly , not enough , Not properly Maintained

5. Restaurents are not neat Quality of Food is a Dout

6. Police Men are Very Rude (Think they are Hitlers)(They do not Know English to communicate with Foreigners)

7. waste cloth they put in the water

Oct 21, 2012
Climate ?
by: Anonymous

Hi Folks,

Can anyone tell me how is the climate now in Courtallam( Oct,Nov,Dec'12) can i spend the time now there? is it raining heavily?

Sep 29, 2012
water falls
by: sugan

it is the most beautiful place.if i have a time ,i will definitely visit this place.i like water very much.

Aug 29, 2012
its gods gift
by: Vithyaguru- Tiruppur

its really nice place. i go that place every year. i never miss it. its our natural gods gift. pl go with your family and enjoy tat.

Aug 23, 2012
God's Gift
by: Ubey

Courtallam is a wonerful place to enjoy the vacation.
The natural water falls have so many medicine properties which relief tension, stress etc..
We can take bath at any time.
Ideal months to visit from June to Aug end.
In winter season(Oct to Dec), water flow will be more.
Save Nature! Save our Western ghats! We should leave this place as such to our future generation.

Try to Avoid usage of Plastic at courtallam.

Jul 23, 2012
gifted place
by: trichian

I have never seen such a place.I think the water coming from these falls is having some medicinal qualities. I want everyone to visit that place atleast for a year.

train availability
from courtallam- mor 7:15
7:15(chennai) via trichy

Jul 09, 2012
by: Anonymous

near courtallam,lord iyyappan temple located in aaryankavu and atchankoil.In tenkasi, good hotel of home preparation food available at KANNAN VILAS run by arunachalam pillai , a saiva hotel is there.
Go and enjoy., GO TO Murugan temple located in thirumalai kovil elevated in height with 620 steps

Jul 09, 2012
by: mohan

A beatiful place and wonderfull falls to enjoy

Jul 05, 2012
Courtallam Falls
by: Anonymous

Courtallam climate is very cool and its really gods gift.

Jun 25, 2012


May 11, 2012
The best place for a trip
by: raguram

This place with its amazing climate is the best place to spend your vacation. Courtallam with her beautiful waterfalls and the mild climate favours everyone. Don't miss it !

Apr 29, 2012
best place
by: manoritaa

This is the best and lovely place to njoy ur is really smashing.........

Feb 09, 2012
experience by visiting such places
by: Anonymous

Its really awesome to watch, really how beauty, one has to at least experience this kind of atmosphere in their lives so as to feel free and my sincere request is don't contaminate the holy places., thank q.

Dec 21, 2011
Otha super place
by: Muthu

Very nice place to enjoy youngers

Oct 18, 2011
nature's best
by: senthil selvan

Its a wonderful place. I went there for so many times from my childhood.The water coming from the hills have some power( some medicinal properties)it will definitely cure some disease.
best time to visit ( after 15th of june till end of august every year). many falls are there
main falls, five falls,chitraruvi,shenbagadevi falls(not allowed now),honey falls(not allowed now),old kutralam falls, tiger falls, palaruvi falls(kerala border from kutralam),agasthiyar falls( from kutralam 35 km) , panatheertham falls( from kutralam 40km)and manimuthar falls 50 km..

you can spend with your family some 4 days(in and around) kutralam . cottages, lodges are available
during december and january every year water flow is only minimal.

Oct 08, 2011
how about the rainy season
by: Amitaba

what would it be like in the oct, nov,dec months will there be water? Any native help me.

Sep 18, 2011
god 's gift
by: pushpa & pradhyuman vyas

it only to say --it is the gift for india by god

Jul 30, 2011
refresh our body
by: selvanadin

anaithu aruvi kulialum udambukku
ithamagavum sugamagavum irundadu.
varudam oru murai thavaramal
coutralam sellungal.

Jul 28, 2011
I'm Proud that this place is my Native
by: Meena

You just come and take bath in each of the falls here..You will forget all your sorrows..It's true.

Jul 24, 2011
by: ramanathan

nice place for pilgrimage.but sad to see tourist taking bath in holy waters consuming alcohol

Jun 20, 2011
It's Very GOOD
by: Sumit Sharma

REALLY, this is very nice and peaceful place in my life. Everyone should go there once in his/her life.

May 07, 2011
Bath & enjoy
by: pearl selvan

This place very nice cool climate supper moligai watter so health better so kulikkathavanga anga vanga nalla kulikkalam By:MMs

Mar 10, 2011
by: Anonymous

Good place. but very lonely area

Climate is not that much good

Dec 20, 2010
by: vinoth

kutralam pona kai adigirava poga kuda kai adigagatha poganum

Dec 12, 2010
When to Visit....
by: Akilan

Do not go there during the Weekends. Ideal days are Wednesday or Thursday..... It should not be a public holiday....

Oct 27, 2010
by: Anonymous

nice but is it posiible to visit that place and take bath at 4.00am at early morning?
i mean how the water flow at that time and all

Sep 21, 2010
cool and romantic place
by: Anonymous

very moody area

Aug 11, 2010
by: s.mothis

very super main falls i like very much jalia irukunuma poinga kutraiaithiku.

May 20, 2010
by: Anonymous

Sutta thanika kutralam ponga....

Mudiyathanaga kai aduchukanga!

May 08, 2010
by: Vijay

Do we have water now - Is it season now???

Mar 02, 2010
Heaven On Earth
by: Ginny

If you get a chance to visit this place in your life don't ever miss it. It is something different from our daily routine and it pleases everyone going there. Visit this place at least once in your lifetime

Feb 17, 2010
It is really very nice and cool place
by: Suresh

First. Do oil massage and go to take bath in waterfalls and feel like a high voltage current is passing on your head. You will really feel that you are in heaven

Jan 28, 2010
by: Syed

If you get a chance in your life at least once you have to visit this place and take bath. Then you will see how it is.

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