Criteria for Rating

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Rough guidelines for scoring:


Man-made waterfalls (but not necessarily man-modified or diverted [both robbing or feeding the falls]) or marginally counted as waterfalls (that just so happened to be given a name)


Typically 30ft or 10m or less.  Dry waterfalls that would've scored higher would score here unless there was a good reason to bump up its score.  Unreliable flow waterfalls (incl ephemeral waterfalls) would also generally be in this category even if they happen to be very tall.


Typically 50-100ft or 15-30m.  May have taller waterfalls with not-quite-reliable flow, or shorter waterfalls with reliable flow.  Visitor experience also separates this from 1s but not quite as must-see as 3s


Typically 150-250ft or 50-80m but has reliable flow.  Can be shorter if powerful and/or wide


Typically over 300ft or 100m but has reliable flow.  Can be shorter and/or thinner if powerful, well-situated, and/or unusually memorable (in a good way)


Mammoth waterfalls.  Basically exceeds all other categories in terms of size, beauty, flow, etc.  Waterfalls in this category are essentially major world class attractions

Ratings are based on:

  • Scenic allure/impression during our visit (can act as +0.5 bonus or -0.5 bonus from base rules); so if we saw a nice waterfall that was dry, then we don't give it a good score until we visit it in better times
  • Only focused on the main waterfall (or surrounding waterfalls if close enough to add to experience)
  • Reliability of flow based on impressions from our visit (though admittedly, this is hard to quantify)

Other rules:

  • Overall experience not directly related to the waterfall itself (i.e. is it crowded?  Full of beggars? etc.) is not baked into ratings.  However, human-caused intervention (e.g. graffiti, litter, dams, diversion, destruction, etc.) can adversely impact rating
  • If falls has been visited multiple times, only take the highest score for impression, but average out or use the new info to gauge reliability of flow (which can factor into rating)
  • If falls has been closed then either don't rate it, or if parts of it closed that impacted the quality of experience, then dock score accordingly
  • If more than one waterfall on excursion, only base score on the best waterfall of the bunch then add +0.5 or more bonus based on how good the other waterfalls were (as it would enhance overall experience)

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