Cumberland Falls

by Chrissy
(Newport, Kentucky)

I have only seen a couple of great falls, of course the other great falls I have seen was Niagara. I have also seen many beautiful small falls; Clifty Creek in Indiana was very pretty.

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Jun 08, 2018
by: Ron Andrews

I've visited Cumberland Falls twice. I would like to return during a full moon. I have photographed many rainbows by the Lower Falls of the Genesee River here in Rochester, NY. If there are frequent rainbows on sunny days, then there should be moonbows when the moon is full. I succeeded once in capturing a moonbow and with the help of every Photoshop trick I know, I can just barely see it.

I returned during the Super Moon this past winter and found that ice crystals don't form a rainbow like water droplets do.

Feb 14, 2012
Cumberland Falls
by: Julie Nichols

I have never seen any great falls, but I've seen some in the Smoky mountains and the Cumberland Falls.

They Are a beautiful sight and one of only a few that you can see a Moon bow at. There is a nice park here and it stays open on full moons, just before and after so people can see the moon bow.

If you are in the area it is more than worth the drive up to the falls!

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