Dangers of High Tide in Hawaii

by Anonymous

Looks like a beautiful place. I was on the Big Island 2 days ago & had read about this gorgeous serene swimming hole. What I didn't read in Any of its descriptions, is how dangerous this area is when the tide is high. Us tourists, come to these beautiful islands for an enchanting, tropical, paradise getaway & are many times not aware of the dangers involved in enploring these beautiful islands. Coming from the mainland, our understanding of strong currents & rough surf are nothing compared to Hawaii's Ocean waters. Now, I must say that it is us the tourists responsibilities to research the possible dangers of the places & activities we wish to embark on, however, that said, we cannot appropriately protect ourselves if the dangers are not properly made known to us in the various articles & reviews we turn to, to learn about them. This place looks gorgeous, but the reviews did not properly warn of its dangers. Two more women are dead now as of last Sunday, & they were only walking on the path.

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Jan 07, 2011
It's right in front of you
by: Anonymous

Well first off if you would look in the right place instead of looking at your average run of the mill place for answers, you would find your info about Hawaii's beaches.

Also when you walk to the beach there are several signs saying strong currents or dangerous breaks so just look in the right places and quit blaming other peoples info and read.

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