Dec 31 2017 Excellent experince (Nanue Falls)

by Robert
(Mapleton, Utah, USA)

We went down to the river on the north end of the ocean side side guard rail. It was an easy descend (steep but steplike) with no glass and plenty of vines and stuff to hang onto). I suspect the flow volume was lower than the report above because we found it to be an easy boulder hopping scramble - able to be made without getting our feet wet. It was almost as much fun as boulder hopping in Zions Canyon. There werent any Spiders or webs. We saw no mosquitos (probably due to it being Dec) but we did have on some Deet.

The falls are beautiful and the large plunge pool is deep and clean. It looks like at some past time people had installed two diving boards on the right side rocks (all that’s left is the hardware). There is an underhang behind the falls allowing you to get directly under them. The rocks to the right of the falls are a beautiful dripping curtain. The river has crayfish and shrimp. An absolutely beautiful setting and a fabulous place to swim.

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