Does anybody know...? (Big Island)

by Jose Luis
(Madrid, Spain)

... of a waterfall that "probably" is in the Big Island of Hawaii, that "probably" is in the East Coast, that "probably" is between Hilo and Honokaa, but for sure is close to a not small town, and that's absolutely sure is in the neighbourhood of a kind of memorial monument or building ("probably" a replacement of a former one) that was in the process of construction in early 2011?

I was there, had to wander a lot to get the way out from the urban area to the waterfall location, then met the working place which I had to side-step the best I could, and finally reached the falls.

The most amazing fact is that although I took several pictures... these have disappeared from my files. So I'm now wondering: was I really there? But my memories of all what I've mentioned (except the "probablys") are so clear that I'm sure I was there.

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Mar 04, 2013
Treacherous memory
by: Jose Luis

Well, all the "probablys" were wrong, although the rest was right.

It's curious how treacherous memories can be. I was almost sure the waterfall was in Hawaii and even in the Big Island, but it turned out that it, plus the memorial building works and also my troubles to get out from the city and find the right way, were in... Taiwan!

Needless to say that I visited both Taiwan and Hawaii in the same trip, hence the confusion. By the way, the name of the waterfall is Dasing.

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