High Falls of the Genesee River (Rochester)

Monroe County, New York, USA

Rating: 1.5     Difficulty: 1
High Falls of the Genesee River in Rochester


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The High Falls of the Genesee River in Rochester (like the Lower Falls) could've easily become a real scenic icon.

However, one look at it and you can sense it's a little out-of-place with the beat-up factories and buildings surrounding the river (which I'm sure is polluted). Nonetheless, we noticed that there remained some degree of relative calm in the area as we were able to enjoy the falls from a long pedestrian bridge over the Genesee River with a view of this waterfall.

In fact, we noticed some folks on their lunch break checking this place out (I wondered how many of them worked at the nearby Kodak building?) while others (seemingly regulars or locals) were jogging, taking strolls, and walking dogs and/or kids. It seemed like this was the type of place to recharge a little before rejoining the daily grind. At least that was the function this local waterfall seemed to fulfill. Julie and I totally came overprepared on this visit as we were dressed in hiking attire while everyone else were in city clothes!

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Focused on the High FallsFocused on the High Falls
Sign pointing the waySign pointing the way

Contextual view of the fallsContextual view of the falls

Another look at the fallsAnother look at the falls

All focused on the fallsAll focused on the falls

The Kodak BuildingThe Kodak Building

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I don't remember the route we took too well because we were busy trying to navigate the urban traffic to get to this falls (which can be thought of as an urban park). I recalled we went from I-490 and exited onto the Inner Loop Road somewhere deep in downtown Rochester (we had taken a pretty roundabout way to even get to the I-490 from Buffalo by way of the I-90 to the I-390, and then took the I-590 to the I-490 by way of Monroe Ave (highway 31)). Within the Inner Loop Road, we found public parking in a structure nearby along Mill Street and walked to the High Falls pedestrian bridge.

For geographical context, Rochester was about 77 miles (under 1.5 hours drive) east of Buffalo, 227 miles (3.5 hours drive) west of Albany, or 334 miles (6 hours drive) northwest of New York City.

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