Kentucky Waterfalls (USA)

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The Kentucky Waterfalls that we visited represented a very small fraction of what exists in the state. But they provided the perfect excuse for us to explore the state and pierce through the fog of the unknown.

Prior to our visit, all we knew about Kentucky was the University of Kentucky basketball program and Kentucky Fried Chicken (or KFC). But after our waterfalling visit, we not only learned about waterfalls but we also got to explore its natural arches as well as its caves.

In fact, we probably spent just as much time chasing these non-waterfall attractions as the waterfalls themselves. We were even able to combine a visit to both a waterfall and an arch in a singular excursion at Yahoo Falls and Yahoo Arch.

Perhaps the most impressive arch that we saw was the Natural Arch of Kentucky. And as for caves, we journeyed into the Mammoth Cave, which was certainly the largest and most extensive cave that we've ever explored.

But going back to the theme of waterfalls, we've visited what was arguably the mightiest waterfall of the South - Cumberland Falls. While it may be best known for moonbows, we weren't able to time our trip to see one of those so we saw bold rainbows of the directly solar kind instead. So impressed were we with this waterfall that it made our Top 10 Waterfalls of the USA.

I'm sure there's much more to waterfalling the Blue Grass state than what we can show you on this website. I guess that means we need to come back and see more of what this state has to offer.

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To get a glimpse of what each waterfall looks like, check out the table below. Click on the waterfalls to read more about them.

Cumberland Falls 4 Cumberland Falls
Daniel Boone National Forest

Eagle Falls 1 Eagle Falls
Daniel Boone National Forest

Yahoo Falls 1.5 Yahoo Falls
Big South Fork National Recreation Area

Seventy Six Falls 2 Seventy Six Falls
Lake Cumberland

Mammoth Cave Waterfalls 0.5 Mammoth Cave Waterfalls
Mammoth Cave National Park

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