Lower Falls (Enfield Falls)

Ithaca / Tompkins County, New York, USA

Rating: 2     Difficulty: 1
Lower Falls (also known as Enfield Falls)


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Lower Falls (or Enfield Falls) is the other major waterfall attraction of Robert H. Treman State Park near Ithaca, New York.

As the name suggests, it's at the foot of the Enfield Glen and there's a separate car park to easily reach this waterfall, which leaves the shady confines of the gorge and tumbles into an open amphitheater baked by the sun. Considering that it was pretty hot and humid during our visit and that the plunge pool area at the base of the falls was very large, we could totally envision people coming here for sunbathing and swimming. We happened to show up fairly early in the morning so that might explain the relative quiet during our visit.

Although there was an option to hike the longer 5.3-mile loop which went through the Enfield Glen passing by Lucifer Falls, we opted not to do that and do it as separate excursions instead.

I've seen it said that this waterfall is 70ft tall, but after seeing it in person, that seemed like a pretty generous estimate. Nonetheless, the Lower Falls had an unusual convex shape though apparently this might be more common in this area thanks to the weak nature of the underlying rock that comprise the glens and gorges of the Finger Lakes.

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Julie checks out the fallsJulie checks out Enfield Falls
Futher into upstream above Enfield Falls was the Enfield Glen, which also featured Lucifer Falls as well as a pleasant walk from within the glen itselfFuther into upstream above Enfield Falls was the Enfield Glen, which also featured Lucifer Falls as well as a pleasant walk from within the glen itself
Approaching the fallsApproaching the falls

Julie in front of the falls for scaleJulie in front of the falls for scale

Context of the fallsContext of the falls

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Direct look at the Lower Falls or Enfield Falls

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Heading south out of Ithaca along Hwy 13 (Elmira Rd), look for a turnoff for Robert H. Treman on the right (same turnoff as for Hwy 327). Just as you get onto Hwy 327, there's another turnoff to the left leading to the Lower Falls.

For geographical context, Ithaca was about 156 miles (under 3 hours drive) east of Buffalo, 167 miles (3 hours drive) west of Albany, or 233 miles (4.5 hours drive) northwest of New York City.

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