New England Waterfalls (USA) - Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine

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New England Waterfalls span the far northeast corner of the United States. Our waterfall excursions here were often mixed with some history, colonial charm, and of course Nature. We even experienced some blending of cultures as some parts seemed to have such a blend of Quebecois culture mixed with New England culture that it seemed the borders were blurred. And on top of all that, we happened to visit this region during the peak of Fall colors so we once again experienced the wonderful juxtaposition of waterfalls with vibrant hues in the neighboring foliage!

Call us lazy, but for the purposes of this website, we decided to clump all the states east of New York into this New England region. So that includes the states of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. We figured that most waterfalling visits in this region would span multiple states, and we sensed that there was a bit of a geographic identity with New England as opposed to the individual states themselves so why not group the waterfalls in this way?

Indeed, our waterfalling excursions here brought us to the charming Cape Cod Peninsula and the Pilgrim heritage at Provincetown. It also brought us to Boston and its many historical sights. We even visited many charming rural New England towns such as North Adams, MA as well as Stowe, VT. And we even were charmed by the city of Portland, Maine (after the government shutdown denied us a visit to Acadia National Park).

Then, there was the Nature found in this region which spanned up and down the far northeastern extremes of the Appalachian Range. And it was within these mountains that we found the majority (if not all) of the waterfalls of the New England region. We found some natural arches (including a natural bridge made of marble) as well as many gorges hinting at the awesome geologic events that gave rise to these amazing features.

Speaking of waterfalls, some of the highlights included the powerful and remote Moxie Falls in Maine, the graceful and colorful Arethusa Falls as well as the beautiful Crystal Cascade in New Hampshire, the surprisingly beautiful yet turbulent Bash Bish Falls in Massachusetts, and a family picnic and hike at the multi-tiered Kent Falls in Connecticut. We even visited two waterfalls with the same name on the same day in the same state of Vermont in Moss Glen Falls at Granville and Stowe. I don't think we ever had something like that happen to us before.

Who knew that a visit to a region of the United States such as this would yield so many surprises and diversity of experiences? And how could it be that yet not that many people we knew or spoke to knew much about the wonderful sights and experiences to be had here? I guess that's why we think waterfalling is the best kind of themed travel you can partake in, and waterfalling in the New England states was living proof of that! Just browse through these waterfalls below and see for yourself!

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To get a glimpse of what each waterfall looks like, check out the table below. Click on the waterfalls to read more about them.

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Chapman Falls 2 Chapman Falls
Devil's Hopyard State Park, Connecticut

Kent Falls 2 Kent Falls
Litchfield County, Connecticut

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Moxie Falls 3 Moxie Falls
Old Canada Road, Maine

Dunn Falls 2.5 Dunn Falls
near Andover, Maine

Snow Falls 1 Snow Falls
near Paris, Maine

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Bash Bish Falls 2.5 Bash Bish Falls
Mt Washington, Massachusetts

Campbell Falls 2 Campbell Falls
New Marlborough, Massachusetts

Natural Bridge of New England 1 Natural Bridge of New England
North Adams, Massachusetts

Tannery Falls 1.5 Tannery Falls
Savoy Mountain State Forest, Massachusetts

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New Hampshire

Arethusa Falls 3 Arethusa Falls
Crawford Notch, New Hampshire

Crystal Cascade 3 Crystal Cascade
Pinkham Notch, New Hampshire

Waterfalls of the Flume 2 Waterfalls of the Flume
Franconia Notch, New Hampshire

Sabbaday Falls 2 Sabbaday Falls
White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire

Glen Ellis Falls 2.5 Glen Ellis Falls
Pinkham Notch, New Hampshire

Ripley Falls 2 Ripley Falls
Crawford Notch, New Hampshire

Silver Cascade 2 Silver Cascade
Crawford Notch, New Hampshire

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Moss Glen Falls 2 Moss Glen Falls
Granville, Vermont

Moss Glen Falls 2.5 Moss Glen Falls
Stowe, Vermont

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