Eastern US's Other Attractions

The Statue of Liberty

In addition to its waterfalls, the Eastern United States has other attractions to keep you busy taking photos or admiring the scenery. I’ve singled out some of the features that you’re bound to see upon a visit to this part of the country. Read below to get a brief introduction to these features.

The Wall Street Bull
Wall Street: Nestled in the heart of the Financial District in the Lower Manhattan area of New York City not far from the former World Trade Center site lies this iconic city block of the American Economy. It's here where you'll find the famous statue of the Wall Street Bull (though there's no Wall Street Bear) as well as the New York Stock Exchange.

View of the New York Stock Exchange by the George Washington Statue in front of the Freedom HallNearby is also the worthwhile Freedom Hall where you can gain an appreciation of American History and New York's role in influencing the direction of the country. Fronting the columned facade of the building is a statue of George Washington. Inside the building are numerous exhibits and signs talking about various key events that took place in the Freedom Hall during the country's early years.

The Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty: This iconic symbol of American opportunity and hope once greeted hordes of immigrants pursuing the American Dream en route to Ellis Island. Today, it's an extremely popular tourist attraction where hordes of people want to glimpse this piece of history often waiting in very long lines to do so. While it's not a natural attraction, it's certainly a must-see sight upon a visit to New York City.

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