Waterfalls of the South Central States (Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma)

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The South Central States Waterfalls is a region where I'm putting the waterfalls that we've visited within the states of Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. Before seeing the waterfalls here, this region would've been one of the last places we would expect to see natural waterfalls mainly because it had a reputation of being flat, grassy, and swampy. It wasn't until my Mom made a business trip in the region several years back that she let us know of at least one beautiful waterfall in Oklahoma, which changed our expectations and started to open up our minds to what's here. Now, we've been fortunate enough to encounter waterfalls in each of these states (more or less), and we've subdivided this page into the aforementioned states.

In Texas, we've encountered a handful of waterfalls mostly within the Texas Hill Country in the south central region of the lone star state, especially near the state capital of Austin. There was even one waterfall pair in McKinney Falls that was within the city's limits. Who knew that such places existed amongst the ranches and deserts that we thought would dominate the landscape? While they do things big in the state (e.g. Texas barbecue, cars and trucks, properties, etc.), the waterfalls could be mentioned in this category based on their popularity, especially in places like the Hamilton Pool.

In Louisiana, it was admittedly a bit of a stretch to say we visited a waterfall in the state because the lone waterfall series we're listing here in the Clark Creek Waterfalls was technically just across the border in the state of Mississippi. Still, we made an exception to the rule here given its proximity to the state border and how most people would access it from the Louisiana side. Nevertheless, we're aware of a couple more waterfalls that were exclusively in the state's borders (a rarity considering most of the state is bayou and close to sea level), but time and the flooding conditions didn't allow for us to pursue them (maybe next time). In any case, the main reason for spending a good amount of time in the state was New Orleans, whose mix of cultures, lively atmosphere, architecture, and food, was unlike any other city we've been to in the states.

Next, Arkansas was perhaps the one state we knew had a reputation for having legitimate waterfalls. They don't call it the "Natural State" for nothing, especially in its northern part where the Ozarks reside. And indeed, we've encountered a trio of very memorable waterfalls in the mountainous region, including the gushing Cedar Falls and the odd Glory Hole Falls. I'm sure with a repeat visit to the Ozarks, we'll be sure to witness even more waterfalls in the area.

Finally, the state of Oklahoma was another state more known for prairies and flat lands. In fact, the Dust Bowl era around the time of the Great Depression was centered around the panhandle part of the state so we didn't have any reason to believe natural waterfalls could exist here. But that all changed when my Mom visited Turner Falls, and ever since then, we've opened our minds to finding more waterfalls in the state. This included our visit to the Natural Falls (Dripping Springs). Perhaps with a repeat visit, we'll encounter a few more in the Sooner state.

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To get a glimpse of what each waterfall looks like, check out the table below. Click on the waterfalls to read more about them.

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Gorman Falls 3 Gorman Falls
Colorado Bend State Park, Texas

Hamilton Pool 3 Hamilton Pool
near Austin, Texas

Pedernales Falls 1.5 Pedernales Falls
near Austin, Texas

Lower McKinney Falls 1 McKinney Falls
Austin, Texas

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One of the Clark Creek Waterfalls 1 Clark Creek Waterfalls
near Baton Rouge Louisiana / Fort Adams, Mississippi

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Cedar Falls 3 Cedar Falls
Petit Jean State Park, Arkansas

Glory Hole Falls 3 Glory Hole Falls
Ozark National Forest, Arkansas

High Banks Twin Falls 2 High Banks Twin Falls
Ozark National Forest, Arkansas

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Turner Falls 2.5 Turner Falls
Davis, Oklahoma

Natural Falls and Dripping Springs 2 Natural Falls (Dripping Springs)
near West Siloam Springs, Oklahoma

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