Emerald Falls (Tar Creek Falls), Fillmore, CA

by Matthias Armstrong
(Santa Clarita)

My friend is standing behind the falls for scale

My friend is standing behind the falls for scale

Here is what I can only assume is called "Emerald Falls" just north of Filmore in Southern California. (In Los Padres National Forest) I think it is hands down the most impressive waterfall in all of Southern California yet its not on your list.


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Mar 25, 2014
Looks like....
by: Anonymous

Canyoneered these waterfalls a few years ago. The one in the picture looks like the last and longest waterfall. It was about a 170' rappel. No you can't jump from this one unless you want it to be the last thing you ever do!

Apr 13, 2012
Not Lower Tar Creek Falls
by: Anonymous

just to add, this picture is not of Lower Creek Falls. These falls are farther down and I think twice as big, or more so. The falls in this picture definitely can't be jumped off of.

Apr 13, 2012
by: Anonymous

Even if everyone knew where this was there's still only a very small amount of person capable of getting to it. I went over the mountain from the trail to the creek way back to make sure I didn't miss it. It is amazing, biggest waterfall I've been to, especially alone, but even now that I know how to directly reach it, it's a very difficult hike. To get there just continue down Tar Creek past Emerald Falls and many other beautiful waterfalls but there is no trail and serious climbing, although it is possible without equipment cause I did it. I had no idea what I was getting into and was practically ill by the time I got back to my car, still sore.

P.S. Does anyone know how big these falls are? 250ft? There's so little info on it.

Mar 28, 2012
went sunday
by: Anonymous

i went there last sunday and found the falls. it is absolutely amazing. by far, the best spot i have hiked to. we did flips for videos in the 3 small pools before the big falls. and then just jumped off the big fall. it was unbelievable.

Oct 15, 2011
Emerald Falls, near Fillmore, Ca.
by: Harry Roosen

Do you have more information, like directions for how to get to Emerald Falls ?

Aug 21, 2011
Filmore Waterfalls
by: Anonymous

I have to agree this should be on the list myself and couple friends heard about these waterfalls in filmore so we decided to explore and we freely roamed the mountains and we found these waterfalls they are awesome there are no trails what's so ever which makes it more exciting ! The hike in is pretty nerve wrecking because you don't know where you are going. Now the hike back is tough.

May 08, 2011
by: paul chadwick

Please I'm on my knees asking for alil' more clues here. I went this weekend and found some other falls but not this one and I was hoping I would be able to see it before I leave for Afghanistan. If you would be more willing to tell me I will give you my phone number. Please

Apr 13, 2011
tar creek
by: Anonymous

this looks just like lower tar creek falls at high flow.

Apr 13, 2011
by: Grayson

okay, i was looking at waterfalls in Tar Creek, sespe CA, and the lower tar creek falls have the exact shape as this one (though the pictures i found showed the falls at low flow)!! i plan on hiking there sometime and can't wait to see this!!

Feb 14, 2011
by: Limey

Can you provide directions to find this waterfall? I'd love to visit.

Jan 12, 2011
Direcction of Emerald Falls
by: Chelo

Please provide the directions, I want to go.
freeway exit ???? Please let me know.

May 30, 2010
by: wallzie

I would give it five stars but it just so happens that the bottom is not the jewel of third falls. Also that is not emerald falls as they are farther up creek. I understand the beauty of the Sespe, but please pick up your trash. The last thing we need is another Santa Paula Punch Bowl remember?
Up Sespe from Fillmore. Can't miss it Kyle. No more clues. There's enough traffic already

May 13, 2010
secret waterfall
by: kyle latshaw

this is fillmores pride and joy. Right in are backyard and it takes me 30min to drive and then hike the 1 1/2hr to hike into. I hope this listing doesnt make this hike over populated.

Apr 16, 2010
Haven't Been There - Yet!
by: World of Waterfalls

Thanks for letting us know about this waterfall.

We haven't been there yet (that's why it's not on our list), but from the photo you've sent, it looks like one we should really go check out.

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