Switzerland Waterfalls (Europe)

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Switzerland Waterfalls exist amongst what I believe has to be one of the most visually stunning landscapes in all of Europe (that is if the weather cooperates). Where else can you see cute wooden chalets and livestock grazing on grasslands perched atop foothills backed by snowy or glacial skyscraping mountains rising to the top of Europe? Fantasies of the scenery in the Sound of Music or Heidi are not that far off their romantic portrayals. And you just know that when you mix such scenic mountains with an abundance of snow, that surely means there must be scenic waterfalls throughout this land.

And this is certainly the case as we were fortunate to have visited the waterfalls of the Yosemite-like Lauterbrunnen Valley as well as around the Matterhorn, the Jura Mountains, and even in the Italian-speaking lakes area to the south.

But that's not the end of what Switzerland has to deliver.

Matterhorn This country also features very cute and charming cities and towns that have managed to retain their character and progress by avoiding wars with their famous neutrality. Such charming places that come to mind include the Swiss Capital Bern as well as the very cute Stein am Rhein. Heck even Luzern (Lucerne in French) and Zurich can be charming in their own right.

And who can forget the charming ski village of Zermatt with its famous mountain - Matterhorn?

Indeed, Switzerland is one country where the stereotypes are genuinely flattering characterizations of a place that seems to have it all for such a relatively small, landlocked country. And we can easily envision ourselves returning here for more waterfalling as well as those guilt-ridden Swiss delicacies known as cheese fondues or Swiss milk chocolates... yum!

Speaking of these areas making up the whole of Switzerland, as you can see from the map at the top of this page, we've had to break up the country into subregions to better organize the waterfalling content we have on offer.

The subregions that we've come up with are Central Switzerland, Southern and Western Switzerland, and Northern and Eastern Switzerland.

Julie checking out Rhine Falls What we're calling the Central Switzerland subregion is pretty much dominated by the canton of Bern, which was where Julie and I encountered the majority of the waterfalls in the country. For future reference (if we're fortunate to return), we're also including the cantons of Uri, Lucerne, Aargau, Nidwalden, Fribourg, and Obwalden. Linguistically (since Switzerland has four official languages), this region is predominantly German speaking. Not only was this subregion waterfall rich, but being in the heart of the Swiss Alps, the waterfalls themselves were amongst the most dramatic with some of them even cracking our list of the Top 10 Waterfalls in Europe such as Staubbach Falls.

The Southern and Western Switzerland subregion pretty much consist of the border cantons of Ticino, Valais, Geneva, Vaud, Neuchatel, Basel-Stadt, Basel-Land, Solothurn, and Jura. While this subregion might seem arbitrary, we've gone with the mental association of these cantons being primarily French speaking to the west and Italian speaking to the south. Among the waterfalls that we've seen here include Saut du Doubs and Cascata di Foroglio.

Finally, the Northern and Eastern Switzerland subregion make up the remainder of the country so it includes the cantons of Zurich, Zug, Shwyz, Glarus, St Galen, Graubunden, Thurgau, and Schaffhausen. Since this subregion borders Germany and Austria, we also associate it with being German Speaking though they also speak the fourth official language known as Romansh in some parts here of this subregion. As for waterfalls, we've managed to see the impressive Rhine Falls as well as the tall Seerenbach Falls.

There's one more thing we should point out about the pages in this region.

Julie and I relied on public transportation for most of the waterfalls. Therefore, you may notice that the directions for most of the waterfall writeups in this region reflect how we managed to reach each destination utilizing the mass transit (unless otherwise indicated).

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To get a glimpse of what each waterfall looks like, check out the table below. Click on the waterfalls to read more about them.

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Central Switzerland

Staubbach Falls 4.5 Staubbach Falls (Staubbachfälle)
Lauterbrunnen, Bernese Oberland

Trummelbach Falls 3 Trummelbach Falls (Trümmelbachfälle)
Lauterbrunnen, Bernese Oberland

Reichenbach Falls 4 Reichenbach Falls (Reichenbachfälle)
Meiringen, Bernese Oberland

Giessbach Falls 3 Giessbach Falls (Giessbachfälle)
Brienzersee, Bernese Oberland

Murrenbach Falls 4 Murrenbach Falls (Mürrenbachfälle)
Lauterbrunnen, Bernese Oberland

Aegertenbach Falls 2.5 Aegertenbach Falls (Ægertenbachfälle)
Lauterbrunnen, Bernese Oberland

Other Swiss Waterfalls 2.5 Other Swiss Waterfalls

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Northern and Eastern Switzerland

Rhine Falls 4.5 Rhine Falls (Rheinfall)
Neuhausen, Schaffhausen

Seerenbach Falls 2 Seerenbach Falls (Seerenbachfälle)
Walensee, St Gallen

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Southern and Western Switzerland

Saut du Doubs 2 Saut du Doubs
Les Brenets, Neuchatel

Cascata di Foroglio 3.5 Cascata di Foroglio
Val Bavona, Ticino

Cascata di Bignasco 3 Cascata di

Valle Maggia, Ticino

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