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Welcome to the Featured Articles page. Here, we discuss specific issues and topics related to waterfall-themed travel in general as well as some advice based on our own experiences. The articles are listed below in chronological order with the most recent at the top.

Peruvians in traditional attire (11-December 2009) The Best Education You Can Get: As Julie and I slow down on our international waterfall endeavors, we looked back at our experiences and realized that we are far different people now than we were five years ago (when we went nuts with traveling internationally) or even ten years ago (when we started to visit waterfalls). Prior to our international travels, we had aspirations of running through a checklist of things to achieve the so-called "American Dream" such as owning a home, making lots of money, and raising a family among other things. But along the way we discovered travel, and with each trip to far flung places, we became wiser, healthier, and closer to who we are than ever before... [read more]

American Falls section of Niagara (27-September 2009) Niagara Falls - More Than Just A Pretty Waterfall: Whether or not you've seen Niagara Falls, chances are your life has been affected in some way shape or form because of it. Indeed, the granddaddy of the waterfalls in North America has played a pretty critical role in the electricity industry from its production to its delivery to the various ways it has been regulated and controlled. It has also set an example of how scenic assets could be shared between countries as well as provide an example conservationists arguing why some places should be set aside to allow Nature to thrive. After reading this article you'll come to see that this waterfall is more than just a pretty scenic attraction... [read more]

Lots of pedestrians near a train station in Tokyo (1-September 2009) How To Travel Using Japan's Public Transportation System: Japan is one of the few countries where you'd be nuts not to use the public transportation system. It's fast, efficient, pretty straight-forward to use, and it will save you money. Like most things in life, there is a little bit of a learning curve, but having spent three weeks in the country using mostly their public transit system, we've got some info and advice for you... [read more]

Hydnefossen (22-November 2008) Waterfalls 101: When Should I Visit Waterfalls?: Have you ever been frustrated about going through the trouble of getting to waterfall only to find out there's no water flowing? Or traveling for thousands of miles to a skyscaping waterfall only to have the views blocked by low-hanging clouds? Or maybe the waterfalls are pumping, but you failed to reach them because the trail or road was in bad shape thanks to the weather? While waterfalls can provide a deeply fulfilling and satisfying joy for those who seek them, it can also frustrate waterfallers in a way that few other natural attractions can. So when is a good time to see waterfalls? Read on to find out... [read more]

A sustainable world preserves features like this (16-November 2008) A Utopian Vision of the World: Ever wondered what a prosperous world might look like? Do you have a hard time defining or even visualizing it? Perhaps you already have an idea of just what that might be, but have you tested it against other people to see who stands to win and who stands to lose in your scheme? And what does all this have to do with waterfalls anyways? [read more]

Mitchell Falls (11-October 2008) Waterfalls In The Movies: Ever since our honeymoon in New Zealand, our waterfalling went global and we haven't looked back ever since. I think the waterfalls seen in Lord of the Rings had something to do with choosing to honeymoon in New Zealand. But subconsciously, we've seen waterfalls in other movies as well and I think even they too have sown the seeds of our waterfalling obsession. So which movies featured such waterfalls? [read more]

Sanddalsfossen (5-October 2008) Waterfalls 101: What Types Of Waterfalls Are There?: Waterfalls come in all kinds of varieties. Indeed, no two are alike and they're all special in their own way. In this article, we look into how such variety can be categorized into waterfall types based on their shape as well as their water volume. Read on to find out how... [read more]

Hydroelectricity - one of the uses of waterfalls (5-October 2008) Waterfalls 101: Why Do We Care About Waterfalls?: Waterfalls have qualities that benefit our health, benefit the environment, but they also have applications for energy and agriculture. It's that last bit that makes waterfalls interesting and useful for both environmentalists and industrialists. Read on to see why... [read more]

Measuring the height of a waterfall (4-October 2008) Waterfalls 101: How Do I Measure A Waterfall's Height?: It's perhaps the most reported parameter concerning waterfalls. But have you ever wondered how they come up with a waterfall's height? Are there people risking their lives to take measurements right at the edge of the waterfall? Is there some hocus pocus going on? This class looks into this very topic! See for yourself how you can safely apply techniques to determine the height of a waterfall. [read more]

LeConte Falls (3-October 2008) Waterfalls 101: What Makes A Waterfall A Waterfall?: Before you scoff at this question, realize that answering it is not as easy as you might think. Indeed, we've struggled to come up with an explanation or convention based on our own experiences. Come see what we've managed to figure out and what criteria we've used to determine whether a waterfall is legitimate or not... [read more]

Waterfall Formation (1-October 2008) Waterfalls 101: How Are Waterfalls Formed?: Ever wonder how waterfalls get formed? This Waterfalls 101 page seeks to explain this while providing illustrations and photographic examples to hopefully inform you about this topic. Read on to get educated... [read more]

Solar Energy (17-September 2008) A Sunny Future For Waterfalls?: Is solar energy technology the silver bullet for the world's energy needs, the geo-political turmoil, and the earth's environmental problems? I always thought there was no excuse for not going solar. After all, if the sun can power our weather and power life, then it must be the energy of choice, right? Well after going through this thought exercise, out came some surprising conclusions and a real sense of optimism for the future. Why? Read on to find out... [read more]

BPA-laced Nalgene Bottle (7-September 2008) Badwater - Killer Water Bottles: With all the talk about the hazards of BPAs this summer, Julie was on a mission to find suitable replacement water bottles where Nalgenes were once our mainstay. I wondered how much damage was already done to our health since we had been using Nalgene bottles for our outdoor hydration since our first waterfalling excursions together back in the year 2000. So which water bottle did we finally settle on and why? Read on to find out... [read more]

An annoying tsetse fly (2-August 2008) Mgonjwa - Your Health In Africa: One of the things that freaks people out about Africa is the chance of catching a nasty illness. Now while many of these fears have some merit, it's an awful shame not to experience one of the most unique and special places on the planet. So, we're telling you how we addressed this issue on our own trip so you have some idea of what to expect and perhaps to take some action if you're definitely going to an "at-risk area." [read more]

Wannon Falls trickling in the midst of Australia's worst drought on record (22-April 2007) The Future of Waterfalls: Sure it's apparent that nature on planet earth is getting trashed by our own way of life and associated creature comforts. But since waterfalls are an aspect of nature, what does this mean for waterfall lovers like myself as well as the future of waterfalls? Since today is Earth Day, I took this opportunity to reflect upon the health of our planet and came up with the following featured article. Read on to see why waterfall lovers have great reason to be concerned... [read more]

A grounded Hughes 500 Helicopter (28-January 2007) To Helicopter, Or Not To Helicopter?: It is perhaps one of the most satisfying ways to tour some of the most beautiful spots on earth - most of which are inaccessible to the public. But before you enthusiastically blow off hundreds of dollars per person to go flying, there are issues with them that you should know about... [read more]

Upper Mesa Falls (8-October 2006) Why Waterfalls?: Many people have asked us why we love waterfalls so much. This article attempts to explain the benefits of visiting these wonderful misty curtains of nature. Have a look... [read more]

Matai Falls in over 1 second exposure (30-September 2006) Waterfall Photography Tips: Ever wondered how people make waterfalls look silky smooth in their photographs like in the postcards and calendars? Or how they cut the sun's glare? Check out this page to find out! [read more]

The kangaroo-induced damage to the rental car (24-September 2006) Our MasterRental (and Thrifty Rental Car) Experience: Waterfall hunting involves lots of self driving. However, life happens, and we had to exercise the MasterRental Claims process. Here is the story of our ordeal... [read more]

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