Kaluahine Falls

Kaluahine Falls

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Kaluahine Falls is a waterfall that I'm not so sure should even count as a major waterfall.

Of all the times I've been to Waipi'o Valley, I don't recall ever seeing even a trickle of water where it was supposed to be. Now I've seen this waterfall flow in photographs out in the literature, but I honestly think that photographer either timed it perfectly or photographed it at a time when perhaps water diversion and climate change haven't impacted it as much.

When I was researching for the Hawaii Waterfalls book project, I couldn't believe that this was apparently the shooting location for a scene in Kevin Costner's Waterworld (I haven't seen the movie so I can't verify that claim). Apparently the falls were flowing back then. Definitely not these days as far as my experience goes.

Sign claiming to absolve Kamehameha School of any liabilityTo visit this "waterfall," we had to go down the Waipi'o Valley Road. Our Hi'ilawe Falls page tells you what that's like. But once we got to the bottom of the road, we went right at the fork, which follows a muddy dirt road towards the beach. But just before getting to the dark beach, we went right past a sign onto a faint trail that followed along a narrow rocky track that quickly degenerated into a boulder scramble between the crashing waves on one side and rockfall-prone cliffs on the other. Fortunately, we didn't have to go far (maybe about 1/4-mile) before the vegetation breaks and we were in front of the bare cliff where the falls was supposed to be.

But even though we weren't far from the Waipi'o Valley, we definitely feared the potential for rogue waves threatening to pluck us from the rocks and into the turbulent ocean.

Directions: This waterfall shares the same trailhead as that of Hi'ilawe Falls so see that page for directions.

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Looking back towards Waipi'o BayLooking back towards Waipi'o Bay

Kaluahine Falls was just as dry as it was the last time we were here a year agoKaluahine Falls was just as dry as it was the last time we were here a year ago

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