Molokai Waterfalls (Hawaii)

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Molokai Waterfalls provided Julie and I the perfect excuse to explore the island of Molokai (or Moloka'i), which was said to be the most Hawaiian of the Hawaiian Islands. Julie and I could certainly see why it got this title because we didn't find any traffic lights, high rise resorts, nor did we find many shops on this island. It almost seemed like this island managed to attain a more true Hawaii from a bygone era that had (so far) largely escaped the modernization and commercialism seen in the other Hawaiian Islands. The island featured some of the tallest and steepest sea cliffs in the world on the Pali Coast of its North Shore. There was also a former leper colony on the Kalaupapa Peninsula as well as some fish ponds, where the traditional way of fishing through these ingenious contraptions still persists.

As for the Molokai Waterfalls, as you can see from the map above, they're primarily on the far northeastern side of the island. That is where the legendary Halawa Valley sits as well as some of the tallest waterfalls throughout the Hawaiian Islands (not surprising given that the sea cliffs out there were amongst the tallest in the world). That said, technically, Molokai is administered as part of Maui County and is governed as such. However, we're devoting this page to the island as we'd argue that it contained enough natural waterfalls to stand out on its own. Besides, Maui had enough of its own waterfalls, and we didn't feel like cluttering that page with the handful of waterfalls from this page.

While it's quite simple to just dismiss the island as a quick tour from a helicopter leaving from West Maui (seeing waterfalls such as Papalaua Falls, Julie and I actually made it a day trip flying in from Oahu. That way, we could be more intimately familiar with the rhythms and the people as well as its scenery and waterfalls (like Moaula Falls) firsthand. So the result of our efforts is what you see on this page, which you can check out by clicking the links in the table below.

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To get a glimpse of what each waterfall looks like, check out the table below. Click on the waterfalls to read more about them.

Moa'ula Falls 3.5 Moa'ula Falls
Halawa Valley

Hipuapua Falls 3 Hipuapua Falls
Halawa Valley

Papalaua Falls 4 Papalaua Falls
Papalaua Valley / North Shore

One of the thin waterfalls on Moloka'i's North Shore 1 Other Moloka'i Waterfalls
North Shore

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