Oahu Waterfalls (Hawaii)

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Oahu Waterfalls gave Julie and I an excuse to explore some of the less developed parts of Hawaii's most developed island. In fact, it was this aspect of "town and country" that the capital isle juxtaposed urban development with a more relaxed country atmosphere. Indeed, "town" maybe a bit understated since Honolulu was pretty much a typical big city with a small freeway system and traffic. But even amidst the urban chaos were some pockets of tranquility as well as some places of historical interest. For example, within the city limits, we were able to check out Pearl Harbor and live it up in the happening Waikiki Beach. Once we ventured beyond the city limits, we were pleasantly surprised by how rural and laid back the rest of the island felt. That was where the "country" would come in, and this was where it seemed like the laid back and no worries mindset was even more prevalent.

When it came to Oahu Waterfalls, there was no shortage of them. However, of those waterfalls, not very many were accessible as they typically involved crossing through private land or exerting a tremendous amount of effort and risk to access. Thus, as you can see from the map at the top of this page, we were only able to see a handful of them. And of the ones we were able to see, there seemed to be two distinct clusters. So for the purposes of this website, we're grouping the waterfalls into these two sections - Southeast Oahu and North Shore Oahu.

Southeast Oahu was definitely the more developed "town" part of this island. This was where the majority of the population lived, and it seemed like the Ko'olau Range backing the eastern spine of the island provided just enough shelter from the windward moisture from the northeast to maintain nice weather for most of the year. Most of the waterfalls that we visited here (whether within the urban sprawl of Honolulu or not) were within this mountain range. This included waterfalls such as Manoa Falls as well as Maunawili Falls. That said, we also managed to find some tranquil spots amidst the urban chaos like Kapena Falls.

On the North Shore of Oahu, which seemed to be better known for the surf culture, we only managed to visit a few waterfalls. One was a pretty family-friendly experience at Waimea Falls, which was one of the few sanctioned play waterfalls that we're aware of. And speaking of the falls and surf culture, the Waimea Stream would ultimately empty into Waimea Bay, which was where they hold the Eddie Aikau ("Eddie would go") Invitational, which would only take place when waves would exceed 35ft in height! Another waterfall that we saw in the Nothern O'ahu "country" was Sacred Falls, which was certainly the most beautiful waterfall on the island (and one of the most beautiful in all of the Hawaiian Islands)! It even cracked our Top 10 List of Hawaiian Waterfalls (click the link to find out where it stands on the list).

As you can tell from the map, we certainly visited more waterfalls than what I've mentioned above. Check out the thumbnails and links below to learn more about the Oahu Waterfalls.

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To get a glimpse of what each waterfall looks like, check out the table below. Click on the waterfalls to read more about them.

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Southeast Oahu

Manoa Falls 2 Manoa Falls
Honolulu / Waikiki

Maunawili Falls 1.5 Maunawili Falls
near Pali Lookout

Likeke Falls 1 Likeke Falls
near Pali Lookout

Kapena Falls 1 Kapena Falls
Honolulu / Waikiki

Waikahalulu Falls 0.5 Waikahalulu Falls
Honolulu / Waikiki

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North Shore Oahu

Waimea Falls 2 Waimea Falls
North Shore

Sacred Falls viewed from the air 4 Sacred Falls
Kaluanui State Park / near Laie

La'ie Falls 1 La'ie Falls

The waterfall at Jackass Ginger Pool 0.5 Jackass Ginger Pool
near Pali Lookout

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