Hawaii Waterfalls: Visitor Contributions / Writeups

This page contains the contributions or writeups of Hawaii Waterfalls from website visitors who have been generous in sharing their knowledge and photos. Its purpose is to make it easier for other visitors to find these submissions while also making it easier for website contributors to share their experiences.

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We generally give preference to submissions that are accompanied with at least one photo (so you can quickly see what the waterfall looks like) and contain information that we feel will be of help to a fellow website visitor wishing to learn more about the waterfall being written about. Waterfall submissions that do not contain photos may be considered on this page if the write-up is informative, personal, or both. Waterfalls that we have not personally visited will be shown in bold.

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To get a glimpse of what each waterfall looks like, check out the table below. Click on the waterfalls to read more about them.

Kapena Falls and Alapena Falls (Oahu)

by Peggy (Ewa Beach, Hawaii, USA) *
Wailua Falls

Wailua Falls (Kauai)

by Peggy (Ewa Beach, Hawaii, USA) *
Pe'epe'e Falls

Pe'epe'e Falls (Big Island)

by Roger Weight (Lynwood, Washington, USA) *

Wai'ale'ale Waterfalls (Kauai)

Jim Van Marr (Murray, Utah, USA) *

Manoa Falls (Oahu)

by Nicole Grant (Ewa Beach, Hawaii, USA) *
Pe'epe'e Falls

Pe'epe'e Falls (Big Island)


Likeke Falls (Oahu)

by Austin (Oceanport, New Jersey, USA) *
Akaka Falls

Akaka Falls (Big Island)

by dar357 (Manchester, New Hampshire, USA) *
Twin Falls

Twin Falls (Maui)

Papalaua Falls

Papalaua Falls (Molokai)

by John "Caveman" Gray (Phuket, Thailand) *
Kawika Falls

Kawika Falls [Kahiwa Falls] (Molokai)

by John "Caveman" Gray (Phuket, Thailand)
Haloku Sea Conditions

Haloku Sea Cliffs and Waterfalls (Molokai)

by John "Caveman" Gray (Phuket, Thailand)

Sacred Falls (Oahu)

by Jerry (Spokane, Washington, USA) *

Wailua Falls (Kauai)

by Jackie Winkler Class (Orlando, Florida, USA) *
Kulaniapia Falls

Kulaniapia Falls (Big Island)

by Mark Lindberg (Tampa, Florida, USA) *
Likeke Falls

Likeke Falls (Oahu)

by Rick Bernico (Honolulu, Hawaii, USA) *

Sacred Falls (Oahu)

by Mary Ross (Honolulu, Hawaii, USA) *

Kapena Falls (Oahu)

by John Lopez (Tampa, Florida, USA) *

Waimea Falls (Oahu)

by Michael Wynn (Atlanta, Georgia, USA) *

Blue Pool [Helele'ike'oha Falls] (Maui)


Sacred Falls (Oahu)

by Ryan (Charleston, South Carolina, USA) *

Sacred Falls (Oahu)

by Sharlyn Ruhe (Ko Olina, Oahu, Hawaii, USA) *
Upper Hanapueo Falls

Upper Hanapueo Falls (Big Island)

by Mark Robinson (Hakalau, Hawaii, USA)

Ho'opi'i Falls (Kauai)

by Alisa (Phoenix, Arizona, USA) *

Nanue Stream Falls (Big Island)

by Valerie H (Ninole, Hawaii, USA) *
Sacred Falls

Sacred Falls (Oahu)

by Betty Davis (Stockbridge, Georgia, USA) *

Unknown Hana Highway Waterfall (Maui)

by Jose Luis Sanchez Esteban (Madrid, Spain)
Lower Umauma Falls

Lower Umauma Falls (Big Island)

by Jose Luis Sanchez Esteban (Madrid, Spain) *

Likeke Falls (Oahu)


Sacred Falls (Oahu)

by Kris (Danville, California, USA) *
Manawaiopuna Falls

Manawaiopuna Falls (Kauai)

by Ron Andrews (Rochester, New York, USA) *

Manawaiopuna Falls (Kauai)

Kamaee Falls

Kamaee Falls (Big Island)

by Mark Robinson (Hakalau, Hawaii, USA)

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Kamaee Falls is one of the most Pristine Waterfalls of Hawaii 
Opened to the public only in late 2009, Kamae'e Falls is one of Hawaii's most beautiful and pristine waterfalls. Kamaee Stream is a source for all the …

Does anybody know...? (Big Island) 
... of a waterfall that "probably" is in the Big Island of Hawaii, that "probably" is in the East Coast, that "probably" is between Hilo and Honokaa, but …

A True Odyssey (to a mysterious waterfall) 
In the summer of 1989 I was preparing to leave Hawaii after 5 years of service. A CLOSE friend and I took a farewell trip to Kauai . As part of …

Is there a waterfall in Hawaii that sometimes flows up instead of flowing down? 
My daughter got a book full of weird but true facts. She was reading it to me one night and it said that in Hawaii there's a waterfall that sometimes flowed …

Dec. 11, 2002 
I got engaged here. Hiked to the upper falls and my boyfriend popped the question. It was beautiful!

Worth the Hike! 
I was here June 2009 and decided to hike to the falls. Not only was the view beyond amazing, but there was no one else there! Up close you could see that …

Dangers of High Tide in Hawaii 
Looks like a beautiful place. I was on the Big Island 2 days ago & had read about this gorgeous serene swimming hole. What I didn't read in Any of its …

Sea Kayaking Alohaland 
I lived in Alohaland 20 years and did many documentaries and started the sea kayaking industry there. Every time I went from Hilo to Waipio I would stop …

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