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Hawaii Waterfalls are one of many reasons why Hawaii is widely regarded as the "Pearl of the Pacific."

Given its lush tropical climate, Hawaii has rainforests supporting a wide variety of them. In fact, one spot in Hawaii (the Mt Wai'ale'ale Crater on Kauai) is said to be the wettest place on earth with some 450 inches of rain a year!

While many Americans go to Hawaii as a way to beat the cold of Winter, it's the Hawaii Waterfalls that provide the adventure as sort of the yin to the yang of resorts, beaches, watersports, shave ice, etc.

Hawaii's diversity also extends to its collection of islands. Each island has its own character and collection of waterfalls.

Maui - dubbed the magic island - has heaps of waterfalls along the famed Hana Highway.

The adventurous can get off the beaten path on Molokai, where some of tallest sea cliffs in the world boast some of the tallest Hawaii Waterfalls.

While Oahu features plenty of things to keep a visitor busy, it too has something for the waterfall lover.

Kauai - the garden island - is home to the wettest spot on earth and sports countless waterfalls.

Finally, the volcanically active Big Island has its own collection of powerful waterfalls contrasting its fiery activity.

Julie and I have seen so many Hawaii Waterfalls that we even compiled a list of our favorites in a page devoted to the Top 10 Best of Hawaii. Want to know what they are? Click the link and find out!

Otherwise, browse through each of the Hawaiian Islands below and get to know them before you choose to visit...

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Some of the waterfalls in this region were considered amongst our favorites and thus have made one or more of our top 10 lists. To see which of these lists have featured waterfalls from this region, see below!

Top 10 Waterfalls in Hawaii

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Below are the waterfall subregions that we've been to. Click on a subregion for more details about the area and its waterfalls.

Rainbow Falls The Big Island of Hawai'i: Living up to its name, this island is the largest of the Hawaiian Islands. It features one of the most active volcanos in the world, and offers visitors a chance to walk on its lava flows to check out the scene. This island also features memorable waterfalls to contrast the island's fiery features.

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Manawaiopuna Falls or the Jurassic Falls Kauai: Known as the garden island, it features what is considered the wettest place on earth. Because of it, you will surely see Hawaii Waterfalls in some of the most unspoiled areas you're likely to find in the Aloha State. In addition to waterfalls, you can also see Waimea Canyon - the Grand Canyon of the Pacific - as well the steep cliffs of the Na Pali Coast.

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Upper Waikani Falls (i.e. The Three Bears) appearing as one on a day with heavy rain Maui: Known as the magic island, there's a mix of activities and scenic beauty that can be found here. In addition to the famous sunrise atop the Haleakala Volcano, the island features a plethora of Hawaii Waterfalls on its famous Highway to Hana as well as a jurassic waterfall in West Maui that made a cameo appearance in the movie "Jurassic Park."

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Moa'ula Falls in the legendary Halawa Valley Molokai: Known as the friendly island, a visit here is like a step back in time as you get a glimpse of a part of Hawaii that has stubbornly maintained a bygone era of a more simpler way of life. You won't find high rise resorts or even traffic lights on this island. Instead, you'll get a more laid back experience as well as some scenic beauty and culture. The island may have been famous for its Leprosy Colony, it also features a beautiful valley on the east shore as well as dramatic sea cliffs on its remote north shore - some of the tallest in the world! Thus, some of the tallest and most beautiful Hawaii Waterfalls can be found here...

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Waimea Falls in the North Shore of O'ahu Oahu: As the hub of the Hawaiian Islands, there's much going on here. It contains the state's capital of Honolulu as well as the famous beach at Waikiki and the surfing mecca of the North Shore (such as the famous Bonzai Pipeline). A piece of American history is also found here at Pearl Harbor. In this town and country island, there are also some getaway spots to some local waterfalls...

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Papalaua Falls Reader Submissions: We can't possibly visit every single waterfall in Hawaii. Fortunately, there are readers kind enough to share their knowledge and experiences by writing up their own guides for those waterfalls that we haven't been to.

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Are you researching for an upcoming trip to this region? We've got additional information concerning non-waterfall attractions, our own travel stories, reviews of books and maps, or even writeups concerning the logistics of what it takes to come here and what to expect! Check out the following links...

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If you already have a waterfall in mind that you'd like to see details about, browse the list below...


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