Hopkins Falls at full flow

by Aaron Nuffer
(Rigby, Idaho)

We visited this falls in August 2010. The recent wet weather had the falls at a very high flow, and the spectacle was bringing in many of the locals to come and gawk at the sight. The park was full, and visitors were parking along the main road outside the park to get a look. The windy and stormy weather had the spray from the falls blowing back up and over the waterfall, creating a very unique look that day. A rainbow also appeared briefly among the passing showers. The heavy flow also created a large eddy of foam along the side of the river at the falls' base. We also saw the high water mark in the grasses along the side of the river, from a day or two earlier. Surprisingly, the water immediately at the base of the falls had been a good 2-3 meters higher than pictured here!

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