I like this web site

by Ebte

this is picture of water falls in Alaska  2010

this is picture of water falls in Alaska 2010

this is picture of water falls in Alaska  2010
area around the water falls in Juneau,alaska

I was surprised that there are people who love waterfalls that much. I also love waterfalls, and enjoy them.

I visited a lot of water falls around the world (Europe, USA, Asia), and since I'm from a desert country I miss the green and blue colors which I can see in the green or forests or lakes. So almost every year I visit places with such beautiful nature, but of course not every place or country I can reach. So it's enough for me to see and read others' trips and adventures and live with them their beautiful moments.

Now I am allowed to read and enjoy!
Thank you

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Dec 18, 2013
Alaska Cruise
by: Don O

This is one of the sites we visited on our inner passage cruise to Alaska in 2012. We hiked down to the falls. You could hear the roar of the waterfall a mile away. When we got to the bottom of the falls, there is a pebbly beach area and the wind turbulence coming off the falls is impressive. This is a must see if you are cruising to Alaska. The hike is very easy, there is a paved walkway all the way to to the base of the falls which lies right next to Mendenhall Glacier.

Jun 20, 2011
by: Ebte

Mendenhall Glacier
This trip was magnificent. It was like a dream come true.

Alaska is very far from my country Kuwait, and I didn't expect that day will come when I can visit Alaska. It's really nothing impossible in this life.

Part of our visit to the United States, we think it is all right to take one more plane to get to one of the eastern states, and we chose Seattle (Washington) which is the most renowned with splendid air. Then, we decided to go into the experience of the cruise ship departing from Seattle going to the small villages and cities of Alaska.

Alaska is a very quiet peaceful place. There was no big city in our trip "Inside Passage" except Victoria which we didn?t land to it because of the bad weather (rainy and cold weather). Juneau was the first city in our journey. We didn't book trip with the cruise ship and it was easy to find Taxis in the port. We just ask him to take us to the most popular tourism places in Juneau, and he took us to the "Mendenhall Glacier."

We had to walk almost 20 minuets to reach the beautiful waterfalls next to glacier. We almost touched the cold water and took several pictures close to it. Some people can reach the glacier and some take small boats with guide to go closer, but we were satisfied with our position with the awesome view and clear cold air.

It was unforgettable trip

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