Iguazu Falls in Slow Exposure

by Andrew Waddington

Last January I was at Iguazu Falls on both the Argentine side and the Brazilian side.

Annoyingly the falls open at something like 10.00am way too late for a photographer. And they close before sunset.

I decided to sneakily stay in overnight and get a morning shot from one of the most famous locations. My two photographs can be viewed via this link


The first image is from the Brazilian side shot on a tripod using a neutral density filter to slow the exposure down. This has given that silky shot of the water despite it being very bright.

The second is the shot from the Argentine side.

I can certainly recommend Iguazu but it does feel like a bit of a theme park when it gets so busy.

Andrew Waddington

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Jul 19, 2011
by: BJ Winchester

Your photographic skills are above par! WOW, what a great eye you have. thanks for sharing however the link only shows one photo.

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