Impressive due to its height (Gocta)

by Georg
(Freiburg, Germany)

Waterfall Gocta both parts

Waterfall Gocta both parts

Waterfall Gocta both parts
Waterfall Gocta lower part with human for size comparision
Waterfall Gocta upper part

From a distance, Gocta waterfall seemed, well, pretty but quite average. During the nice hike in comfortable warm temperature, the waterfall grew bigger and bigger. At a certain point I've been impressed due to its height (look at the photos and compare one of the tall trees to the waterfall). Later, I could not see any more the top, even tough we were still in quite a distance! At the end of the hike, it got pretty humid and windy due to the downlift & spray of the falling water. Well, then I was going in bathing trousers to the base - the energy of the water drops was really amazing and the force of the winds changed from a nice breeze to such a strength I needed to go on hands and foot in order not to be blown down.

For more information, e.g. drive to the village, hike to the waterfall, altitude profile, GPS-Track, etc. see (texts are in German)

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