Is there a waterfall in Hawaii that sometimes flows up instead of flowing down?

by Suzan

My daughter got a book full of weird but true facts. She was reading it to me one night and it said that in Hawaii there's a waterfall that sometimes flowed up instead of flowing down. I really want to get this checked. Anything helps!!!!!!

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Mar 11, 2014
Water fall that go's up
by: Amber kinzel

Yes it is true I have been to Hawaii it is a beautiful site seing a water fall go up except it is just the wind that makes it go up and sometimes it gos down

Jan 04, 2014
IT'S TRUE!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

I looked at that same app,and I googled it and Yes!!! It's True!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 18, 2013
Weird but True
by: Nathan LeBlanc

We read about the waterfall in a National Geographic Kids book, Weird but true Facts. We had to look it up for ourselves. Wow! Very cool!

May 08, 2013
Half true.
by: Buddha.

Well it is true and also not. The water falls down like normal but strong upward going winds make the outer waterparticals go up and that creates the illusion of the entire mass of water going up.
Sorry for any possibke misspelling, I am Swedish.

May 07, 2013
Oregon Waterfall also blows up
by: Jackson

I have the weird but true book and it makes me think! The wind is stronger than the water sometimes and that makes the water fall actually blow upwards but does not really fall upwards. I like that book and I am 8 years old. I love to learn new weird but true facts and then check them out so I learn a lot of other stuff too, like that we have one of those waterfalls in Oregon on the coast!!
Thanks for sharing everything

May 29, 2012
Found Video
by: Anonymous

My son has the same book and asked the same question. After some research I found a video clip of it:

Feb 27, 2012
do you think it's true?
by: Anonymous

i hear that water flow can go up!!!!!!!!!!!

Jul 21, 2011
wedding spots
by: Anonymous

What is the best waterfall in Hawaii to plan a wedding? i really like the rainbow falls. they r very pretty.

Jun 22, 2010
Upside Down Falls
by: World of Waterfalls

It's called Upside Down Falls. Technically it flows down but the wind blows it back up.

In our experience, it has been dry every time we've been to O'ahu, but it's usually windy at the falls, which is not far west of the Pali Lookout and Nu'uanu Pali Highway. The topography of the mountains there channels the northeasterly trade winds right into the valley (hence the ripe conditions for winds blowing a light flowing waterfall back up).

By the way, Hawaii isn't the only place with this kind of waterfall. We even saw some heavier flowing waterfalls in Switzerland do the same thing at Aegertenbach Falls and Staubbach Falls.

Plus, I'm sure there are other incidental examples of ephemeral waterfalls around the world getting blown back up by the wind (probably without names).

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