Angel Falls Itinerary (7 Days)

This itinerary of our visit to Angel Falls pretty much revolved around an organized tour that would allow us to access the remote waterfall. It took the entire week of Thanksgiving, but I'm still kicking myself for not taking a few extra days off adding the Gran Sabana part of the trip for 2-3 days more (so much so that I still wish we could go back just to visit that part of the country)! Anyways, just about everything on this trip was coordinated with a tour operator. The only exceptions to this were in the few circumstances when our tour operator wasn't present (e.g. at the remote Canaima Airport or when we were self-touring Ciudad Bolivar), which forced us to use our Spanish to get by.

As you can see below, there was very little idle time from a logistical standpoint, and this is why I suspect that seven days would be the minimum amount of time necessary to visit Angel Falls, including travel days. The waterfall was remote enough that we had to overnight in outdoor camps while sleeping in hammocks for two of the nights. Nonetheless, one pleasant surprise was our time spent bonding with other tour participants who hailed from Canada, Venezuela, Belgium, Spain, and Norway. It's shared experiences with people from different walks of life all with the shared interest of seeing this world wonder that I personally remembered most about this trip.

Day Overnight Activity
1-2 Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela
Hotel Laja Real
3 Canaima, Venezuela
Campamento Bernal
Travel, Canaima Lagoon Waterfalls, Sapo Falls and Sapito Falls
4 Angel Falls, Venezuela
Campamento Bernal
Auyantepuy Waterfalls, Angel Falls
5 Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela
Posada Angostura
Angel Falls (incl. fly-by), Happiness Pool, Canaima Lagoon Waterfalls, Auyantepuy Waterfalls, Travel, Ciudad Bolivar
6 Miami, FL
Hampton Inn
7 Home Travel

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