Big Sur Errands Itinerary (3 Days)

I called this trip our Big Sur Errands trip because we used a weekend to scout out wedding venues. Of course, since we were already up here, we also took advantage of being able to go waterfalling in between these venue visits. By the end of this trip, we felt that we were becoming quite familiar with the Big Sur area. The itinerary you see below showcases what we were able to accomplish besides the wedding-related errands, which are not included. As you can see, weekend trips were becoming the norm for us, and I guess since we were young, it seemed like a reasonable way to balance work and weekends to hold us over for longer vacations that we would always be craving (but were too infrequent).

Day Overnight Activity
1 Big Sur, CA
Lucia Lodge
2 Big Sur, CA
Lucia Lodge
Salmon Creek Falls, Limekiln Falls, Canyon Falls
3 Home

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