Bryce Canyon Weekend with the Parents Itinerary (3 Days)

This trip was intended to share with the parents the wonderful experiences that Julie and I (along with a couple of friends) had just two years prior. But since we had to fit it in a weekend, this exposure could only come in increments. So this itinerary covered just Bryce Canyon National Park. But unlike that first time that Julie and I visited the reserve where we were merely content to experience the park from overlooks, this time we took the time to hike amongst the hoodoos. From a waterfalling standpoint, there really wasn't much here except for one man-made one amongst the hoodoos called Mossy Cave Falls (which was dry). Instead, we were targeting more natural arches and bridges as non-waterfalling alternates. An ulterior motive for this trip was also to start training for the grueling Half Dome hike in Yosemite later in the year by doing these hikes to get our bodies used to it.

Day Overnight Activity
1 Springdale, UT
Bumbleberry Inn
2 Bryce Canyon, UT
Bryce Canyon Lodge
"Mossy Cave Falls", Mossy Cave Trail, Fairyland Loop Trail (Tower Bridge)
3 Home Inspiration Point, Navajo Loop Trail (Thor's Hammer, Wall Street, Twin Bridges), Queen's Garden Trail (Queen Victoria), Wall of Windows

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