Eastern Sierra with Tahia Itinerary (4 Days)

Although I had been to the Eastern Sierra (particularly around the Mammoth Lakes vicinity) many times, this was the first time Tahia got to experience it for herself, and it was Julie's first time in a little over a decade. We also joined some good friends of mine who brought their kids along so for a couple of days, the kids got to interact with each other in and around attractions that were both familiar and unfamiliar. Once again, this trip lasted an extended weekend (for us at least as the other family extended their stay to last the entire week), but this was really more about letting the kids experience something they'd otherwise wouldn't normally experience. I guess as we get older, the more we're realizing that our activities are revolving more and more around the kids. That said, we can still do the worthwhile things while maintaining their interest, and that was the balance we were trying to strike when we planned out this trip.

Day Overnight Activity
1 Bishop, CA
Motel 6
Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest (Patriarch Grove)
2 Mammoth Lakes, CA
Sierra Manor
Convict Lake, Rainbow Falls, Lower Falls, Mammoth Village
3 Mammoth Lakes, CA
Sierra Manor
Bodie, Mono Lake (South Tufa), Hot Creek Geological Site
4 Home Manzanar

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