Grand Staircase with Mom Itinerary (3 Days)

This itinerary encompassed a weekend trip to the Grand Staircase National Monument in Southern Utah. I was joined by Mom, and the timing of this trip was kind of like a little birthday celebration for her. Meanwhile, Julie was with her Mom in Europe so this was kind of a redux of that mother-son bonding trip that we had earlier back in Memorial Day Weekend in 2003. The difference here was that we were aiming to essentially get back to those sights that had either been overlooked or had defeated us in the past. Especially in the case of Upper Calf Creek Falls, this was my third attempt at it so we weren't going to be denied this time around. Another pleasant surprise about this trip was that there seemed to be surprisingly good waterflow even though we were one week before the official start of Autumn. I suspect that this was due to the Summer Monsoons when the deserts of the American Southwest would see their most precipitation in the year. In any case, the table below summarizes what we were able to accomplish.

Day Overnight Activity
1 Escalante, UT
Prospector Inn
"Mossy Cave Falls", Upper Calf Creek Falls
2 Escalante, UT
Circle D Motel
Lower Calf Creek Falls Devil's Garden (Mano Arch, Metate Arch), Broken Bow Arch
3 Home

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