Idaho Itinerary (5 Days)

This itinerary was kind of our last-minute extended weekend visit to Idaho, where we encapsulated a visit to see a long-time friend and her newborn with some waterfalls and sightseeing. Since these waterfalls and sights were otherwise out-of-the-way for us (so we never had the time nor motivation to pursue them to this point), the desire to take the trouble to see friends now living out-of-state was really the thing that enabled this trip to happen. As you can see from the itinerary below, a lot can be accomplished by extending a weekend for a few days.

Now that we've accomplished this short trip, we're wishing that we could've also used the same excuse to visit her when she was in Colorado (a state we had yet to visit at the time). However, what's done is done. We'll have to make that visit happen. But with the lessons learned here, I'm confident that the Colorado trip will happen sooner rather than later...

Day Overnight Activity
1 Twin Falls, ID
Best Western
Travel, Car Rental Pickup, Shoshone Falls, Twin Falls, Perrine Coulee Falls
2 Meridian, ID
La Quinta Inn & Suites Meridian / Boise West
Craters of the Moon National Monument, Perrine Coulee Falls, Jump Creek Falls
3 Walla Walla, WA
America's Best Value Inn
Palouse Falls
4 Boise, ID
Best Western Vista Inn at the Airport
Downtown Boise
5 Home Car Rental Return, Travel

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