Iguazu Falls Itinerary (5 Days)

This itinerary of our visit to Iguazu Falls was designed in the interest of limited time as it took place over Labor Day Weekend plus a couple of additional days off to extend the holiday to a total of five days. However, we made sure to spend as much time as possible at the waterfalls. As you can see below, a large amount of time was spent on travel alone. In order to maximize on what precious limited time we had there, we also went with a tour company to ensure that we minimized the amount of time waiting for ground transport, taxis, etc.

Day Overnight Activity
1-2 Puerto Iguazu, Argentina
Sheraton Iguazu
Travel, Iguazu Falls
3 Puerto Iguazu, Argentina
Sheraton Iguazu
Iguassu Falls (Brazil side), Iguazu Falls Jet Boat Ride
4-5 Home Salto Arrechea, Iguazu Falls, Travel

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