Japan and Taiwan Itinerary (24 Days)

This itinerary was my personal homecoming as it was my first true sightseeing experience in Taiwan. Making the trip even more special (and unusual) was that I went with my Mom and Dad so not only was it a treat to show my parents what Julie and Tahia the kind of international waterfalling that Julie, Tahia, and I have been engaged in over the years, but I was also getting a better appreciation of my parents in the very places where they used to hang out, where they went to school, where they grew up, and even where they worked. And while this trip to Taiwan was somewhat affected by the aftermath of many typhoons that hit the island while they never really experienced the Autumn season, we also preceded that visit with a visit to Japan as well. It was a lot to cover in a span of about 3 weeks and two countries, but we pretty much went on our own for the majority of the trip. In fact, the Taiwan part of the trip was not pre-booked and we really did things at the very last minute with surprising benefits as well as its moments of anxiety.

For the Japan part of the trip, there was once again the language barrier, but we also learned from past mistakes from the time when Julie and I first visited the country in 2007. That said, we also made new mistakes but learned new lessons and discovered new things along the way as well. Anyways, we pretty much self-drove for most of the 13 days in Japan though we did rely on the excellent mass transit system at the very beginning and very end of the Japan part of the trip.

Then, for the Taiwan part of the trip, it was mostly Mom and I touring the entire island nation where we pretty much winged it for most of the 11 days that we were there. We also predominantly self-drove throughout the country while relying on the public transportation or taxis (or even relatives) at the very beginning and very end of this part of the trip.

Day Overnight Activity
1-3 Tokyo, Japan
The Strings by InterContinental Tokyo
Travel, Shibuya District
4 Tokyo, Japan
The Strings by InterContinental Tokyo
Mito, Fukuroda Waterfall
5 Kawaguchiko, Japan
Mizuno Hotel
Tsukiji Market, Travel, Car Rental Pickup, Joren Waterfall, Syasui Waterfall
6 Matsumoto, Japan
Matsumoto Tokyu REI Hotel
Chureito Pagoda, Shoji Waterfall, Senga Waterfall, Shosenkyo Gorge
7 Matsumoto, Japan
Matsumoto Tokyu REI Hotel
Jofu Waterfall, Naena Waterfall, Matsumoto Castle, Nakamachi-dori (Matsumoto)
8 Takayama, Japan
Ryokan Murayama
Bandokoro Waterfall, Sanbon Waterfall, Zengoro Waterfall, Ryujin Waterfall, Shirahone Onsen, Hirayu Waterfall, Sanmachi District (Takayama)
9 Takayama, Japan
Ryokan Murayama
Shirakawa / Ogimachi, Sanmachi District (Takayama), Hida Folk Village (Hida-no-Sato)
10 Tottori, Japan
APA Hotel Tottori Ekimae
Amida Waterfall, Inuyama Castle, Yoro Waterfall
11 Tottori, Japan
APA Hotel Tottori Ekimae
Harafudo Waterfall, Tendaki Waterfall, Saruo Waterfall, Anami Coast, Tottori Sand Dunes
12 Osaka, Japan
Hotel Osaka Bay Tower
Amedaki and Nunobiki Waterfalls, Minoh Waterfall, Sanzen-in Temple, Otonashi Waterfall, Car Rental Return
13 Osaka, Japan
Hotel Osaka Bay Tower
Ryoanji Temple, Nijo Castle, Fushimi Inari Shrine, Dontonbori District (Osaka)
14-14 Taipei, Taiwan
Private Apartment
Travel, Taipei 101, Raohe Night Market, Ciyou Temple
15 Hualien, Taiwan
East Town 26 Hotel
Travel, Car Rental Pickup, Taroko Gorge, Taroko Gorge Waterfalls, Rainbow Night Market
16 Kenting, Taiwan
Howard Beach Resort Kenting
Fenghuang Waterfall, Tiefen Waterfall, Nanan Waterfall, Liangshan Waterfall, Kenting Night Market
17 Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Sunnyside Hotel
Eluanbi Lighthouse, Sail Rocks, Kenting Beaches, Keyoufeng Waterfall, Liangshan Waterfall, Liuhe Night Market
18 Anping / Tainan, Taiwan
Wei-Yat Grand Hotel
Lotus Pond, Dajin Waterfalll, Qingrengu Waterfall (Lovers Gorge Waterfall), Maolin Valley Waterfall, Anping Fort, Confucius Temple (Tainan), Chihkan Towers (Tainan), Matsu Temple (Tainan)
19 Shanlinhsi, Taiwan
Sun Link Sea Forest and Nature Resort
Fenghuang Waterfall, Ban Tian Yan, Songlong Rock Waterfall
20 Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan
Skylight Bed and Breakfast
Chinglong Waterfall, Caihong Waterfall (Rainbow Waterfall), Wenwu Temple (Sun Moon Lake)
21 Jiaoxi / Yilan, Taiwan
Jiaoxi City Suites Maple Leaves Hot Spring Hotel
Xiao Wulai Waterfall, Xinliao Waterfall
22 Keelung, Taiwan
Private Apartment
Wufengchi Waterfall, Wulai Waterfall, Huangjin Waterfall (Golden Waterfall), Jiufen Laojie (Old Street), Keelung Coast, Miaokou Night Market (Keelung)
23 Taipei, Taiwan
Private Apartment
Car Rental Return Qingshan Waterfall, Laoniang Night Market (Taipei), Linjiang Night Market (Taipei)
24 Taipei, Taiwan
Private Apartment
Shifen Waterfall, Jiufen Gold Museum, Miaokou Night Market (Keelung), Xiangshan or Elephant Mountain (Taipei)
25 Los Angeles, California, USA

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