Julian Itinerary (2 Days)

This itinerary was of a very brief overnight trip to Julian in celebration of Valentine's Day. While one normally associates Valentine's Day with romance (or heartbreak, depending on your situation), Julie and I remembered this trip in terms of hiking and driving under a freak snow storm. Then, we saw a family of bears while driving in the snow storm. Then, I got interviewed by some camera man for some local news in the San Diego area! It had to be one of the strangest experiences, but sometimes it takes weird circumstances to pull a trip out of unremarkable obscurity into one of those stories that sticks with you and you can easily share with friends to entertain them. Anyways, I'm not saying this itinerary will create this kind of drama, but if you pay attention to the logistics, you can see that this ultimately made for a rather comfortable and not-so-rushed trip.

Day Overnight Activity
1 Julian, CA
Butterfield Bed and Breakfast
Car Rental Pickup
2 Home Kitchen Creek Falls, Car Rental Return

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