Julian Redux Itinerary (3 Days)

This trip was kind of our redux of the snowy Valentines Day trip to Julian 8 years prior. However, as we had gotten older and wiser, we opted to spend two nights to better enjoy what the charming historical town had to offer as well as giving ourselves a better opportunity to properly experience the main waterfalling attractions in the immediate area. We didn't bring our daughter on this trip as we knew the hikes would be difficult; especially in regards to Cedar Creek Falls and Three Sisters Falls. Besides, this was supposed to be our early Valentines trip (it was still January when we did this trip) when it's less expensive and less crowded, and Julie and I had some much-needed alone time in the process.

Day Overnight Activity
1 Julian, CA
Butterfield Bed and Breakfast
2 Julian, CA
Butterfield Bed and Breakfast
Cedar Creek Falls, Cottonwood Creek Falls, Julian
3 Home Three Sisters Falls, Cedar Creek Falls, Julian

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