Kaieteur Falls Itinerary (3 Days)

This itinerary of our visit to Kaieteur Falls was probably our craziest far-flung trip to date. We basically crammed a trip to Guyana (on the northern part of South America) into the long Labor Day Weekend with no days of work taken off. I guess you can say this trip was a statement of what lengths we would go in order to see a world wonder like Kaieteur Falls. I'm glad that we made it happen because we hadn't been to South America in several years (and counting...), and the attitude here was that we were able and had to seize the opportunity. No regrets! Needless to say, for the entire Labor Day Weekend, we didn't get any good sleep starting from Friday night all the way through Monday morning. I was pretty much a walking zombie at work when Labor Day weekend was over.

Day Overnight Activity
1 Georgetown, Guyana
Herdmanston Lodge Hotel
2 Georgetown, Guyana
Herdmanston Lodge Hotel
Kaieteur Falls, Orinduik Falls
3 Home Travel

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