Legoland Itinerary (2 Days)

This itinerary was kind of a make-up visit to the Legoland Theme Park as Tahia's prior visit a couple of months earlier was hampered by her spiking fever. Fortunately this time around, she was feeling well and we definitely made this visit count by also staying at the Legoland Hotel. So not only did we get to thoroughly experience the theme park (or at least of what was currently open) while hanging out with family (including the grandparents and my brother's family), but we also managed to sneak in a couple of waterfall visits on the way home.

Tahia definitely had the time of her life though we really couldn't say the same for the waterfalls despite the strong series of storms that the Southland had been getting earlier in the week...

Day Overnight Activity
1 Carlsbad, CA
Legoland Hotel
2 Home Jack Creek Falls, San Juan Falls

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