Nation's Capital Business Trip Itinerary (3 Days)

This unusual itinerary was a rare opportunity to turn an otherwise not-so-pleasant business trip into one where I was able to bring my wife and daughter without incurring additional expenses to the company and minimal expenses out-of-pocket thanks to airline miles. In this particular instance, we figured this would be very rewarding for Tahia who would soon learn about the country's forefathers and the monuments devoted to them firsthand at the National Mall. We also targeted a waterfall sighting near the Nation's Capital itself. So indeed, there was a little bit of everything on this trip, proving once again that often times in life, you have to seize opportunities where you can. For you never know if you'll ever be presented with such an opportunity again...

Day Overnight Activity
1 Arlington, VA
Residence Inn Arlington Ballston
Travel, Car Rental Pickup, National Mall
2 Arlington, VA
Residence Inn Arlington Ballston
National Mall (Smithsonian Natural History Museum, Capitol Building, White House, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial)
3 Home Great Falls of the Potomac River, Jefferson Memorial, Car Rental Return, Travel

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