New Caledonia Itinerary (10 Days)

This itinerary covered about a week-and-a-half in the French territory of the islands of New Caledonia. This was another milestone trip where we celebrated Julie's 40th birthday alone. Like with the Vanuatu trip at this time the previous year, we seemed to be one of the few Americans visiting the country. But unlike Vanuatu, most foreign visitors were French though we did encounter foreign tourists from Australia and New Zealand in the more popular spots like Noumea and Ile des Pins. Moreover, almost this entire trip was done independently by self-driving and self-touring. In hindsight, I probably should have done more homework to prepare for this trip because of this independence (as we wound up not properly visiting any of the waterfalls in the North Province).

Among the highlights of this trip were the colorful lagoons on the Ile des Pins (Isle of Pines) and seeing lots of life at Amedee Island (including rare sea turtles). And of course, we had to fit in waterfalls in this journey though this was one trip where I wish I had a do over as I didn't follow my usual process of trip preparation and I paid dearly for it.

Day Overnight Activity
1-3 Hienghene
Koulnoue Village
Travel, Car Rental Pickup
4 Poindimie
Hotel Tieti
Poule Couveuse (Puxa), Cascade de Tao, La Linderalique
5 Ile des Pins
Le Meridien Isle des Pins
Cascade de Ba, Travel, Baie d'Oro, Piscine Naturelle
6 Ile des Pins
Le Meridien Isle des Pins
Baie d'Oro, Piscine Naturelle, Kuto Beach, Kanumera Bay, Vestige de Bagnes, Baie de St Maurice
7 Noumea
Chateau Royal
Travel, Anse Vata (Air Waves 2015), Baie des Citrons
8 Noumea
Chateau Royal
Chute de la Madeleine, Cascade de Wadiana, Baie des Citrons, Anse Vata
9 Noumea
Chateau Royal
Phare Amedee
10 Home Place des Cocotiers, Car Rental Return, Travel

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