Northern California and Southern Oregon with the Parents Itinerary (7 Days)

This trip was the last of our waterfall binge focused on Northern California. However, in this particular trip, we also spent nearly half the trip in Southern Oregon mostly so my parents could finally get to experience that part of the state since they had never been there before (especially Crater Lake National Park). This was also the third consecutive trip where Julie and Tahia couldn't come along (due to health reasons) so this trip also took on a more aggressive schedule where Dad even said, "It felt like work" when asked at the very end of the trip how he felt (since he doesn't normally come with us to these kinds of trips as well).

When we finished off this trip, we pretty much completed our survey of Northern California, which had been missing for most of the 16+ years that Julie and I had been waterfalling together. The only things left now are the more remote spots as well as some of the far northern coastal areas that depend more heavily on the season (or more accurately whether we get a drought year or a wet one). We also re-visited some of the old haunts from our very early days of waterfalling where we've improved the write-ups based on our latest experiences while also gained a much better appreciation for what such places were about (instead of merely just the waterfalls themselves). As for our survey of Southern Oregon, we're also going to claim credit for pretty much filling out our survey of this area as well, especially since our first visit to the region back in 2009 was marred by storm-related closures (that have since been rectified over the past seven years).

We covered a lot of ground on this trip, but some of the main highlights of note are: Crater Lake National Park, Lassen Volcanic National Park (especially Bumpass Hell), Lundy Canyon, Toketee Falls, and even Prospect State Park.

Unlike the trip just three months prior to the Redding and Tahoe area, this time the trip was not as affected by wildfires and car trouble. So this wound up being a pretty smooth trip despite the busy days and long drives...

Day Overnight Activity
1 Oakhurst, CA
Yosemite Southgate Hotel & Suites
Rancheria Falls, Whisky Falls
2 Reno, NV
Nugget Casino Resort
Lundy Canyon Waterfalls, Tioga Gas Mart
3 Red Bluff, CA
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Red Bluff - South Redding Area
Webber Falls, Emerald Lake and Lake Helen (Lassen Volcanic National Park), Bumpass Hell (Lassen Volcanic National Park), Kings Creek Falls, Manzanita Lake (Lassen Volcanic National Park)
4 Medford, OR
Candlewood Suites Medford
Stony Creek Falls, Mt Shasta
5 Medford, OR
Candlewood Suites Medford
Toketee Falls, Watson Falls, Salt Creek Falls, Diamond Creek Falls, Diamond Lake, Odell Lake
6 Medford, OR
Candlewood Suites Medford
Crater Lake National Park, Vidae Falls, Duwee Falls, Godfrey Glen (Crater Lake National Park), Natural Bridge (on the Rogue River), Mill Creek Falls and Barr Creek Falls, Pearsony Falls, "Rogue Falls", and Avenue of the Boulders
7 Home

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