Norway Waterfalling Binge Itinerary (20 Days)

This itinerary summarizes our trip in Norway, which was sort of a follow-up trip hot on the heels of our real eye-opener in New Zealand. This was one trip where I really wished we had more time, because as you'll see in the table below, this was an extremely waterfall-centric trip. We actually missed out on some of Norway's more signature attractions though I highly doubt that we'll ever visit this many waterfalls in such a short period of time again - due to age, funds, circumstances, etc. So we got a major taste of what I think is one of the world's most beautiful countries, but I still long for a return trip for a more diversified itinerary than this one.

That said, this was a self-driving itinerary so we were able to accomplish a lot on our own time. We also took advantage of the midnight sun or the nearly perpetual daylight so we actually began some hikes when we would normally be sleeping! We were also still somewhat new to the foreign independent travel arena at the time so our logistics concerning accommodations and flight arrangements were done through a tour operator (though some mistakes were made and we had to do some last minute adjustments during the trip). And finally, we acknowledge that despite the limited time spent in this country, it was also one of the more expensive trips we've done since Norway is by no means cheap! That said, sometimes lifetime experiences trump bang-for-the-buck, and I definitely believe this is the case in Norway.

Day Overnight Activity
1-2 Oslo, Norway
Edderkoppen Hotel
3 Kristiansand, Norway
Rica Hotel Norge
Parliament House, Car Rental Pickup, Heddal Stavkirke, Waterfalls near Rjukan, Kallefossen, Reiarsfossen
4 Sand, Norway
Ryfylke Turisthotel
Flakkefossen, Teinefossen, Kvasfossen, Jossingfjorden, Tengsfossen, Manafossen
5 Kinsarvik, Norway
Kinsarvik Fjord Hotel
Sandsfossen, "Storfossen", Hongavikfossen, Svandalsfossen, Sauda to Roldal Waterfalls, Langfoss, Espelandsfossen (Odda), Latefossen, Vidfoss, Strondsfossen, Tjornadalsfossen, Furebergsfossen, AEdnafossen, Skrikjofossen and Opofossen
6 Eidfjord, Norway
Quality Hotel
The Husedalen Waterfalls, Skykkjedalsfossen, Voringsfossen, Vedalsfossen and the Hjolmodalen Waterfalls, Valursfossen
7 Oppheim, Norway
Vossestolen Hotel
Kyrfossen and the Osafjorden Waterfalls, Skarvefossen, Espelandsfossen (Granvin), Skjervsfossen, Bergen, Steinsdalsfossen, Fossen Bratte, Hesjedalsfossen, Stigfossen and Fjellfossen, Kvernhusfossen and Geitaskardet
8 Laerdal, Norway
Laerdal Hotel
Siseljafossen, Tvindefossen, Stalheimsfossen and Sivlefossen, Kjelfossen, Flamsbana, Kjosfossen, Rjoandefossen, and the Flam Railway Waterfalls, Laerdalstunnelen, Stodnafossen, Rjukandefossen, Hydnefossen
9 Skjolden, Norway
Skjolden Hotel
Hjellefossen, Vettisfossen, Avdalsfossen, and the Utladalen Waterfalls, "Vassbakkfossen", "Liinagafossen", and the Waterfalls of Skjolden and Fardalen, Mordolefossen, Feigefossen, Geisfossen, Ryefossen, and the Jostedalen Waterfalls, Nigardsbreen
10 Forde, Norway
Rica Sunnfjord Hotel
Feigefossen, Kvinnafossen, Svedalsfossen, Vikafossen, Huldrefossen, Laukelandsfossen and Osfossen, Eikjelandsfossen, Fossestein, and the Other Waterfalls of Fossheimen
11 Loen, Norway
Loenfjord Hotel
"Heggheimsfossen", Sanddalsfossen, Strupenfossen and "Nonfossen", Ramnefjellsfossen, Hoysteinfossen, Huldrefossen, and the Bodalen Waterfalls, Volefossen and the Oldedalen Waterfalls, Kleivafossen, Briksdalsbreen
12 Dombas, Norway
Trolltune Hotel
Kvanndalsfossen, Geirangerfjorden, The Seven Sisters and the Geirangerfjorden Waterfalls, Storseterfossen, Pollfoss and the Waterfalls along the Otta River, Storulfossen, Vesleulfossen
13 Andalsnes, Norway
Rauma Hotel
Dontefossen, Gravdefossen, and "Skogagrovafossen", Vermafossen, Slettafossen, Kleivafossen, Svaaafossen, Olmaafossen, and the Romsdalen Waterfalls, Stigfossen and Tverrdalsfossen, Muldalsfossen
14 Oppdal, Norway
Quality Hotel
Strandfossen, Mardalsfossen, Other Eikesdalen Waterfalls, Naustafossen, Vinnufossen and the Sunndalen Waterfalls, Svoufossen and Reppdalsfossen, Linndalsfossen
15 Trondheim, Norway
Hotel Britannia
Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim Sentrum, Henfallet
16 Mo i Rana, Norway
Comfort Hotel Ole Tobias
Formofossen, Grongstadfossen, Laksforsen, Gronligrotta, Bredekfossen
17 Narvik, Norway
Norlandia Narvik Hotel
Sprutfossen, Polarsirkelsenteret, Narvikfjellet (Midnattsol)
18 Storslett, Norway
Norlandia Storslett Hotel
Malselvfossen, "Ytre Isfossen", "Indre Isfossen", "Bafossen", "Oksefossen", and the Kafjorden Waterfalls, Lyngen Alps Views, Mollisfossen, Fosselvfossen
19 Tromso, Norway
Rica Ishavshotel
"Ytre Isfossen", "Indre Isfossen", "Bafossen", "Oksefossen", and the Kafjorden Waterfalls, Rovijokfossen, University of Tromso Museum
20 Home Car Rental Return, Travel

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