Oahu Weekend Itinerary (5 Days)

This itinerary of our visit to Oahu was very strange in that it was made possible because it was a trip that Julie won from some kind of travel agent convention. It turned out that the airfare and car rental was comped, but the accommodation was not (although it was supposed to be so it wasn't totally free or "won"). That said, we took what we could get and we managed to finally waterfall the most populous of the Hawaiian Islands while also fitting in a day excursion to the island of Moloka'i, which was said to be the most Hawaiian of the Hawaiian Islands. Perhaps what made this strange trip even stranger was that while on Moloka'i, there was an awkward hitchhiking moment. And on the final day of the trip, Julie managed to score a Cameron Diaz and Kelly Slater sighting as they drove by while we were walking on some quiet alleyway between the Bonzai Pipeline beach and our parked car.

In any case, this was another one of those short extended weekend trips, but in the case of this island, we felt that was plenty of time to really experience what we could legally see here, especially when it came to waterfalls. As far as logistics are concerned, the itinerary shown below demonstrates what could be done in five days on the island of O'ahu.

Day Overnight Activity
1 Honolulu, O'ahu
Ohana Maile Sky Court Waikiki
Travel, Car Rental Pickup, Manoa Falls, Pali Lookout, Maunawili Falls
2 Honolulu, O'ahu
Ohana Maile Sky Court Waikiki
Travel, Car Rental Pickup, Moa'ula Falls, Hipuapua Falls, Kalaupapa Overlook, Phallic Rock, Car Rental Return, Travel
3 Honolulu, O'ahu
Ohana Maile Sky Court Waikiki
Waimea Falls, Sunset Beach, Sacred Falls, La'ie, Polynesian Cultural Center
4 Honolulu, O'ahu
Ohana Maile Sky Court Waikiki
Halona Blowhole, Sandy Beach, Byodo-in Temple, Pali Lookout, Likeke Falls, Kapena Falls, Waikahalulu Falls, Waikiki Beach
5 Home Bonzai Pipeline, Pearl Harbor, Car Rental Return, Travel

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