Peru Itinerary (11 Days)

This itinerary pertains to a quick fully escorted trip to Peru, that not only included the typical Cusco-Machu Picchu excursion (i.e. the so-called "Gringo Trail"), but we also spent the majority of our time in Northern Peru, where it appeared that few tourists tended to go. Indeed, the trip summary you see below took us a bit off the beaten path so we were able to see a very different side of the country. It took us about a week-and-a-half on this trip though I had to deal with mild altitude sickness in the first part of the trip, then a nasty bout of food poisoning on the latter half of this trip (it hit me while touring Northern Peru). We didn't visit as many waterfalls as I would have liked (including a closure that kept us from visiting Cascada de Ahuashiyacu near Tarapoto), but given our limited time here, I guess we did the best that we could...

Day Overnight Activity
1 Lima, Peru
Costa del Sol Hotel Lima Airport
2 Ollantaytambo, Peru
Pakaritampu Hotel
Travel, Sacred Valley, Pisac Indian Market, Ollantaytambo
3 Cusco, Peru
Hotel Midori Cusco
Machu Picchu, "Machu Picchu Waterfall", Cusco
4-4 Tarapoto, Peru
Hotel Rio Shilcayo
Saqsaywaman, Plaza de Armas, La Iglesia del Triunfo, Qorikancha, Travel
5 Pedro Ruiz, Peru
Puerto Pumas Pomacochas Inn
6 Pedro Ruiz, Peru
Puerto Pumas Pomacochas Inn
Catarata de Yumbilla, Catarata de Chinata
7 Cocachimba, Peru
Local village accommodation
Catarata Gocta (Upper Falls)
8 Chachapoyas, Peru
Gran Vilaya Hotel
Catarata Gocta (Lower Falls)
9 Chachapoyas, Peru
Gran Vilaya Hotel
10-11 Home Catarata de Corontachaca Museum of Sipan, Travel

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