Point Reyes, Mt Tamalpais, and Big Basin Itinerary (4 Days)

This itinerary covered a return trip to Point Reyes as well as introducing us to the waterfalls at Mt Tamalpais (both north of the city of San Francisco) and the waterfalls of the Big Basin Redwoods State Park (southwest of Silicon Valley). This trip was accomplished over an extended weekend. The year that we did this trip also happened to be during a wet year in the middle of Spring, and so that boded really well for us in terms of seeing the waterfalls perform. However, this only came after a few consecutive dry years. So when it came to trips like this, Julie and I were learning that we had to be real opportunistic about the kind of year we were having precipitation wise before committing the time and money to make sure a trip happen. In any case, as you can see below, we were able to accomplish quite a bit while minimizing the number of days taken off from work.

Day Overnight Activity
1 Stinson Beach, CA
Sandpiper Motel
Car Rental Pickup (previous evening), Alamere Falls
2 San Jose, CA
Moorpark Hotel
Cataract Falls, Carson Falls, Cascade Falls
3 San Jose, CA
Moorpark Hotel
Berry Creek Falls, Silver Falls and Golden Cascade
4 Home Car Rental Return

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