Ponderosa Itinerary (2 Days)

This itinerary concerned a short trip to the Tule River District of Sequoia National Forest. Since we were staying in a town called Ponderosa on the Great Western Divide, I tend to refer to this trip as the "Ponderosa" trip. Really, the only reason why we even considered doing a trip like this was because we were well into our waterfalling pursuits throughout the state of California, and there were some impressive waterfalls that we noticed in Ann Marie Brown's book about California Waterfalls that essentially opened our minds up to devote a weekend trip to see this part of the state. At the time, it seemed like not many people knew much about this part of the state, and years later, I would take my parents here so they could see for themselves what Julie and I were discovering as we expanded our waterfalling pursuits.

I also had to change a flat tire near the Grapevine on the way home, which was scary at the time (especially as cars were whizzing by at 80mph or so). This was one of those things where we were also learning that we had to be a little more self-sufficient when going to unfamiliar places, especially since we were doing these trips in my own personal car. As we got older and wiser, we'd eventually start renting cars just to avoid the headache of lessening the life of our commuter cars going on these types of trips.

Day Overnight Activity
1 Springville, CA
Ponderosa Lodge
Middle Fork Tule River Falls
2 Home Nobe Young Falls, Peppermint Creek Falls, South Creek Falls

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